Friendship links medium intrigue

Had said retrorse link quality is higher before, bigger to ranking a help. And the exterior link with high quality, less it is the friendship link that exchange comes to.

Nevertheless the word says, the link with high quality is bad to search. A lot of moment exchange a link also can yet be regarded as handy and easy start method, be opposite especially for new website.

When commutative friendship is linked, major center still is can serious, conscientiously, bilateral the collaboration of sincere letter. But some moment, some stationmaster like to make fun of a few intrigue however, try to cheat a gender get friendship is linked, do not give corresponding get one’s own back however.

I make experience of Chinese website it doesn’t matter, had not exchanged the friendship link of Chinese website, do not know to be in domestic head of a station so these intrigue are common. In English website, this kind of stationmaster or classics often see. A few case are cited below, hope after everybody also somewhat beware of.

1) the link is deleted again after exchanging a link

The simplest is to exchange link hind, cross the other side of period of time to take the link that you give on the website stealthily, such links that you link the past became one-way link. This kind of easy discovery.

Some websites check link of the other side automatically with the program. Some does not use a program, but on the website that often also should see friendship link associate, your link still is in be absent. If the other side was taken stealthily, my individual thinks to also be done not have necessary ask the other side is how to return a responsibility. You also are fastened polite, also took his link went, also need not believe this stationmaster again later.

2) the minimum that thinks method gets the weight of friendship link page

The state of affairs that exchanges home page link directly in English website is less, it is a friendship commonly the link is put on friendship link page. Some stationmaster use the link structure inside the station, make the page weight minimum that these friendship link pages receive.

The most typical method is to be in only home page, friendship perhaps is put to link the link of the page on website map page. Such friendship link a page to also can be alled alone by search engine is collected, but only 9 pages link whole website to link a page to friendship. Such link structure makes the weight of friendship link page very low.

Normal website structure should be one of organic component that friendship link page is whole website, should mix on processing other page is identical. Linking a page e.g. friendship is a channel, a lot of classification are divided again inside. So this one channel should be mixed other content channel is same, there is link of a navigation on all pages, make friendship links a page to gain its due weight.

3) make friendship links a page to be able to be collected far from

Although some stationmaster make on the page friendship links a page to look be like common webpage, but use Robots.txt file or Meta label actually, make friendship links a page to be able to be collected far from. This also is one of reasons that I feel PR still has a few to use occasionally. If the webpage has PR, explain the webpage had been collected by Google at least.

4) friendship links itself not to deliver weight

Some stationmaster add friendship link Nofollow attribute, some moment friendship links are to use script to change direction. At that time such link is not normal link any more actually, can not deliver any weight.

Some stationmaster do more concealment a few, use JS script, the course turns to the link, but column of condition of the browser when the mouse is put on the link demonstrates normal link however. Unless you go,check his source code so, the link that discovers he gives very hard otherwise changes direction through script actually.

5) link page may be to give you preparation only at all

Some stationmaster thinking are very serious, when sending commutative friendship to link Email to you, the website link that tells you you has been put in for instance page. You nod the past to look, have your link as expected, and this or home page, you went back with respect to the link.

But if you are careful reexamination his website, the home page that discovers him however is this page that you see far from. When Index.php of your take out, go when his true home page, discovering however is another page, and his true home page is Index.html likely.

Because Html file is more preferential than Php file,spend tall, the home page that so search engine collects truly is Index.html page. The other side however misdirect you, let you feel Index.php file is home page, and the link that still has you.

6) the other side did not link your website at all

Some stationmaster check the exterior link of your website what to have, write Email to say to you next, I had been connected from website A to you, ask you to connect the website B to me, it is so 3 to the link, be close friends than two-way effect.

We for the moment no matter 3 it is good to whether compare two-way link really to the link.

Calculate this to plant 3 cannot be alled alone by search to the link engine detects come out, but you again microscope word of, discover the link on website A likely, when the link is being exchanged with someone else before you, get, with this head of a station that should exchange a link with you a bit relation is done not have. He just checked your exterior link, know to there is your link on A website, pretend he becomes you that link. And the time that you exchange a link likely is very much also, forgetting early is how to return a responsibility.

7) the rubbish website that does to do not have what weight and you exchange a link

Some time head of a station are playing the 3 banner to the link, the link that allows you must connect the website of that true commerciality to him, but he is linked from website of a rubbish however to you. The form with the commonnest website of this kind of rubbish is rubbish catalog, do not have what weight completely, it is to use those who do friendship link to use technically.

8) the PR that flaunt is to hijack those who come

Although the action of PR after all how old, everybody the opinion is differ, but who does tall PR link to also do not refuse. The PR that wants careful some website is to pass PR to hijack those who come, the website does not have so tall PR really.

These intrigue hold out above actually common, this also is me why more and more the matter that apt does not become exchange to link. Want to ensure each friendship link is true and effective, which have so much time to examine the case of these links? The time disproportionate that gotten link weight may spend with you.

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