Friendship links exchange and PR value to update summary

From Florida newlier to now also 4 months were controlled. According to my observation with my website, PR was updated twice, and these two PR updates the principle with as algorithmic as Hilltop also regulation special be identical. Everybody can think of as a result of couplet what perhaps can get corresponding verdict. A few observation that I update to this PR are below, the hope can have a bit enlightenment to everybody.

1, the time that data collects before PR updates:

Very cannot accurate to the assurance of this time, just probably conjectural, do not pass or have real ground. From the observation of a few websites that reach a company to my individual, I got what show this to data is collected before PR is updated end time, it is Feburary the middle ten days of a month is controlled probably. Basis (you also can have speculation to your website with this) : ? Xuan course of study mu? of Bei  bureau still has PR of page of many 2 class for 0. And the ability after the middle ten days of a month uploads or these PR are the page great majority of 0 was built in Feburary; The cut-off that data collects before this is updated to proving PR time has certain help. Since, data collects before PR is updated end time has known probably. So, we can figure data is collected before PR is updated next time end time should be Feburary after the middle ten days of a month, PR refresh time can be May the middle ten days of a month (after the adjustment that once had alluded new algorithm because of Googleguys, of PR updating can be a quarter probably) .

2, the factor that affects PR value (it is among them one part only of course) :

A: The mass that the link joins outside be being reached into link number outside (catenary gives number to wait into the PR of the website and catenary) , this can be well-known.

B: Include the link number, page number that collects a website (the individual considers as crucial factor)

3, PR thinks newlier to what we bring: Because PR value basically is to be the same as catenary to enter number and collect page number to reach include several decisions, so we are about to be aimed at these two elements to undertake corresponding adjustment to the website.

A: When having a link we want special discretion, cannot be absolutely in the self-help link of inferior quality (or most person is link farm) put a link, this not only do not have a help to raising PR, very possible still you can be punished because of this.

B: When facing self-help to link, you should see the quality of this website above all, take second place is these go out the quality of the link is an amount, whether existing a domain name has many outside repeat a link. If be if, that proves this kind of self-help is linked is to was not passed any explain of the nucleus, extremely dangerous! Link of a lot of self-help is similar to catalog, this kind of ability is first selection, because stand advocate can pass to referred website explain nucleus, this is to you one assures.

C: Exchange links a few strategy:

1, look to whether had been collected to reach its to be searched by each big search engine by link website the newer frequency of engine how (the time that can see in searching a result the last dividend is updated, if exceed 3 days to was not updated, won’t show) ; If catenary is entered the website is collected by each big search engine and if often still be being updated, so your website also can take not little light. Because search engine to also can be opposite,the site of the link undertakes be updatinged accordingly, so you do not need to hand in money to search engine company to helped you update (like Baidu)

2, whether be collected by big classified list (be like: Dmoz, yahoo) ; Such website PR is low it is temporary business only, spent a bit time with a can longer month, the family’s PR can fly, when arriving, you follow family trade again, family may not agreed, all wanting that long-term vision will handle current thing)

3, whether was collected the most page inside the website; If quality of a website is good, the construction is reasonable, so that is to say such website very suffer search engine to favor. The webpage collects amount and PR cost become direct ratio. Of course, some website dividend collected 2000 many pages, and some was collected only 80 many. Latter is certain very disappointing. We look more or less is collecting a scale is not amount. If former hundred thousands of page just collected 2000 much pages, this also is not a first-rate website, and latter was collected 100 times only 80 many. The quality of apparent latter should be compared former get high much. Such website also can yet be regarded as a good commutative boy or girl friend.

4, whether to exchange a link to perhaps exchange a link with a lot of websites with a lot of congener websites (do not include self-help to link) ; This also is a when PR rises potential factor, how many does the link amount that can look up the other side when exchange so have. Especially quality links Duobuduo high.

5, website quality how; This matters to a website whether can long-standing problem, if website quality is very poor, but PR is very tall. Such website also is not good commutative boy or girl friend. The PR of the website with website poor quality can fall one day eventually, this is not stabilized with respect to what be your website PR added a very big factor.

6, the website is ranked how (point to popular key word) ; Such website not only can bring constant flow to your website, and also be a very good partner. Because have quality only,taller website ability chronically is put advanced a few (general a month had been good website) .

7, whether be congener website; Because the rank is algorithmic medium, the meeting assigning a value with congener voting to your website rank website is taller. Make your website receives better rank likely thereby.

8, try to be referred to big classified list, such practice not only the retrorse link that gets high quality, and still need not pay any cost.

D: Spend related link website appear particularly important, should consider when exchange is linked in general not only the quality that is website of the other side, still having is relevant degree. If not be relevant website, to you website rank and PR are affected very won’t big. So, the proposal should choose dependency when exchange is linked taller link as home page above all, is not the link that relevant website considers PR again tall to also can make sub page only.

E: Go out the assurance that links number:

General a page maintains in 12 the following. This basically is a companionate to your link acceptance. Those the website of high quality won’t be right is in a page has a few to go out the website of the link is interested, the website that also is you whether with tall PR website the link offerred a premise.

F: Optimize the internal composition of the website:

Make search engine to be able to collect your website more pages. Be like: Structure of manage clear website, classification is clear, be clear at a glance; Build navigation, fasten photograph link with each subclass directly; Build complete website map, when you add a page, did not forget to update website map page; Important page should make a link to it in the many pages inside the website, this also is why the PR of home page is general relatively a factor with other high page. (I am falling detailed treatise undertakes to this in an article)

Still be the problem that a doubt is pattern plate page additionally, to the observation of the website inside a course of study. Its home page is 5 but the sub page of great majority or other page are for 0.

Summary: In the main factor that answers rank of this influence website- – link, we want to be treated carefully, cannot treat sth lightly. Important is the assurance of main to two field, namely outside also link and in-house link.