Friendship is linked head see friendship do catenary reinforce to pay attention to PR of RP and rather than

The center that there is a lot of now wants to consider the PR of website of the other side to be worth when doing friendship to link with others, a lot of stand newly to cannot find friendship to link, very pitiful.

But the RP(bearing that I think to look for friendship link to should visit head of a station of the other side more) the PR that is not a website

RP is bad, do not have a few days to give cutout with respect to the meeting join you, lie between paragraph of time to be checked even.

so say, because,be, present PR had not held so large before proportion, the destination that we add friendship to link just lets SE spider often come our website, is not to obtain good PR value.

RP does not have a few days badly to be able to join yours to cutout, lie between paragraph of time to be checked even. Seek the center with good RP, taking to you all the time, what is there against it.

So how do we search friendship to link. I feel to want friendship above all, link again, alleged friendship is you should communicate with stationmaster first, how do seeing him make a station, if his station carries black hat, direct PASS.

Still have the content of the station that is him, not too consideration dependency, whether is the content of this station of main consideration collected, is former achieve what achieve formerly with bogus, the content that still has this station is lawful, whether to have the content related Se affection and MM, this one very important, this meeting brings about Baidu to sweep the floor your station directly go out.

Whether is visitting this station even finally to often be updated, if the PR of a station is 5, but updating is 7 years, need not consider, with such station the link still is inferior to and a PR is the 0 station friendly catenary that often update.

Sum up with respect to a few:

1, reject black hat

2, reject to collect, support is achieved formerly

3, reject Se affection and break the law

4, support often is updated

5, desalt PR and dependency

Above is his a bit view to friendly catenary, have insufficient place, look at everybody to ace complements and be corrected.