Free SEO tool market

I arranged a few free software tools, can help you realize effective search engine to optimize. This kind of software has a lot of kinds, here presses kind of cent to be: Map of keyword, website and rank tool.

Keyword tool

1.Good Keywords V2.01(598KB) finds best keyword for your webpage. Function: Key word proposal, make up write or found key word or keyword phrase, check spelling mistake, the popularity that judges website and link is spent etc. Apply to Windows 95/98 2000/NT/XP.

2.Golden Phrases 1.0.3(391KB) analyses sexual utility program. Check designation log file, retrieve caller people the keyword phrase that in you the search on the website crosses, find your website. No matter any phrase, want to had been searched only, OK the time that statistic gives his to be used, judgement gives the seat of your website. Its distinctive transparent value technology still can help you find out the keyword phrase that was not used. Apply to Windows 95/98/Me/NT/ 2000/XP/2003.

The exchange of the keyword phrase with powerful 3.PPC Keyword Generator (1.1 MB) implement / generator. Internal energy of a few seconds discovers 100 many crucial phrase, delete duplicate keyword phrase automatically, to every keyword phrase pay cost to click / network address and input and output were done define. Apply to Windows 98 and above all version.

4.Hixus Keyword Inventor 1.0 (679 KB) searchs the software tool that engine optimizes. For tool of opinion of Overture key word medium key word popularity is spent do early days analysis, accelerated the rate that seeks popular key word. Apply to Windows 98/ ME/ NT4.x/ XP/2003.

The search engine with small-sized, fast 5.e3KWD Check 2.5b (920 KB) optimizes a tool. Analyse the key word density in text documentation, restore through fixed address column and analyse online network documentation. Apply to Windows   95/98/2000/NT/ME/XP.

6.Get Keywords 1.0 (289 KB) is found out put store implement medium key word, optimize a webpage with the key word that find, it is a small application process. Characteristic: Search vocabulary entry automatically, increase or delete key word, found webpage and webpage rehearse. Apply to Windows 98 and above all version.

A when 7.Keyword Digger 1.0 (50 KB) develops newly last month simple software tool, for the keyword that people has searched in Overture special design. It can be calculated the frequency that key word is searched, show same 100 kinds of of a key word distinct change.

The keyword of derivative webpage of 8.AnalogX Keyword Extractor V1.03 (214 KB) , be classified to its according to their usage and position next and index. Once be indexed, you can adjust the balance element with search specific engine and keyword level, make your website is searched the evaluation with best engine. Although the order is a bit old but very practical. Apply to Windows 95/ 98/ 2000/ NT/ XP.

Found the tool of website map

1.eXactMapper Lite 1.2 (1.1 MB) founds professional website map automatically. Offer 3 kinds to differ for the user but the style of custom-built Html/dhtml website map, include an UL list, female parent tree and index page. Apply to Windows 95/ 98/ ME/ NT/ 2000.

2.SiteMapBuilder.NET 1.5 (1.4 MB) can found map of Google XML website or the text that are a foundation with website map by oneself, can check an URL mistake. Apply to Windows XP/ 2000/ 2003. Need NET frame support.

After catalog structure carries Html file to go up, 3.Sitemap Creator (783 KB) will found website map. Do not need to browse online website. Apply to all Windows version.

It can found 4.Sitemap 4 Traffic (360 KB) Google and Html website map, check broken link, support website file. Apply to Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista. 1.1 version or taller version mix need Net frame browser 6+ support. The program causes trouble very possibly too.

Rank tool

1.Rank Tracker 1.4.2 (5.0 MB) is the effective tool that checks rank of website key word, those who use is the search engine result of Google, Yahoo and MSN. Can establish duplicate program with infinite keyword, dog all the time metabolic trends and development. If need, still support Google and Yahoo   API to log onto a system. Apply to Windows 98/ Me/ NT/ 2000/ XP/ Mac/ Linux. Java runs an environment (JRE) version wants 1.4 edition.

The search engine with comprehensive function of 2.WebCEO 6.5 (22 MB) optimizes a program, the information that than searching engine the rank provides is even much. This software is free. Although need a large number of time and energy to learn how to be used, but the effect is very good. Apply to Windows NT4/ 2000/ XP.

3.PaRaMeter 1.2 (1.0 MB) can be checked and monitor the webpage level of Google great majority. It is OK to should open a webpage only easily the webpage level that sees it. Apply to Windows 9X/ 2000/ XP.

The simple software tool of level of most webpage of Google of examination of PageRank Checker (515 KB) . Apply to Windows 98/ ME/ NT/ XP/ 2000.