Formulary: The website is indexed prop up 12 accounts that handle by search

The website is dropped by K in searching engine (processing) , if search of website home page was not collected, the website is collected be unplugged, the rank drops, it is a website by the phenomenon of K. Website by K it is one of things that broad stationmaster headaches most, the website with common summary by the reason of K, the hope encounters a website to broad station friend by K when, suit the remedy to the case, let a website be able to restore as soon as possible.

One, website by K server piece

The server moves to whether be stabilized, when searching engine capture, the server moves normally, whether is be being returned in the log 200 state code? If be 200 state code, that is a temporary phenomenon only, put smooth state of mind, when engine of all alone waiting for search is updated greatly, put.

2, website by K Robots.txt piece

At present most search engine abides by Robots agreement, if the law is written in Robots the setting is undeserved, immediate impact searchs engine capture to collect the job, setting of examination Robots.txt file is proper.

3, website by K SEO piece

Whether is the website popularized for the keyword and used cogged method, for instance the keyword is revised, caption is revised, keyword density, meta attribute is revised, website content structure, content is cogged wait, if website content is optimized undeserved, can cause very serious consequence.

4, website by K safe piece

Whether does the website encounter the hacker is atttacked, cannot be opened or be placed trojan, virus, general this kind of phenomenon won’t be searched engine to handle, but influence user experience, if suffer those who search engine user complain, can be propped up artificial website to adjust by search index.

5, website by K change direction piece

content revises the website, installed 404 pages to change direction, or JavaScript jumps turn or server 301 change direction 302 change direction wait to create influence website degree of belief likely, be punished processing.

6, website by K friendship is linked piece

The website exchanges cooperative friendship link, if partial website is searched,engine thinks cogged, be punished, and your station as it happens is exchanged to it, get likewise sometimes embroil, website friendship link passes too much miscellaneous, be faced with the dangerous odds that is dropped by search engine K to increase likewise.

7, website by K the website is duplicate piece

If the website has been duplicated much, not only cause website degree of belief to drop, search engine sometimes meeting mistake your website origin and duplicate or collect etc, the website is faced with duplicate suspicion, if website weight tall, affect website degree of belief, be faced with by K danger.

8, website by K search engine piece

If your website once did a search to all alone engine contest price ranks advertisement, when contest price advertisement dismantles, can face the risk that is handled by search engine sometimes, discharge under one’s name gently to fall, weigh a website to be waited for by K. Say advertisement of the price that make contest goes against a website to develop for a long time so, when having money you just, when doing not have money you with respect to Over, natural still rank is good.

9, website by K information group hair piece

If your website uses group of direction that send message to undertake popularizing, can cause sometimes so turn over a phenomenon, website tousle information, be sentenced to be by search engine cogged, search indexes the operation that props up exquisite collaboration is popularized, if be to use a person to be versed in in great quantities, group hair software sends message undeserved etc, sometimes the website also can be dropped by K.

10, website by K IP address piece

Change sometimes server, website Ip also can change subsequently now, if the server as it happens on your IP address has very much search,engine thinks cogged website, IP address props up block with be being searched to bring, in that way, if your website also is placed above, also be affected likewise by embroil, be sentenced to be cogged website by search engine.

11, website by K domain name piece

1, if your website domain name is inchoate,had been registered, website of inchoate domain name is cogged search engine to ban, that if you use its domain name again later, also want to face risk, the domain name of myself of no less than, in be being alled alone by partial search engine joins search engine blacklist artificially, the capture of domain name content of the website, change only new domain name just casts off processing likely.

2, the website ties calm domain name overmuch, the domain name is differ, content is identical, can be sentenced to be by search engine sometimes cogged, be handled by K.

12, website by K law piece

If the content of your website nots agree with but information of national legal system, existence pornography, gamble, reactionary wait for illegal information, the website can be handled, because of national laws and regulations not this kind of information transmits admissibility, search engine is same also abide by discipline is abide by the law, won’t illegal information, provide search engine user. (Hou Qinglong