Foreign trade website searchs engine to optimize skill

Core clew: Warning! A lot of people are opportunistic in the past, abusive key word will obtain higher rank. Want to gain real success, you still need to use a lot of other technologies and method.

Below most circumstance, entry search engine is not the only measure of conduct propaganda and promotion website. Want to gain real success, you still need to use a lot of other technologies and method. However, when you proper entry arrives after search engine, the site that can be you as much brings many discharge, and you need what to cost scarcely. Of course, proper entry job also can take up your proper time and energy, but redound will be these twice investment at you.

Can produce several new sites everyday, want! How surprising number. But they are among them most never had used a value appropriately, and the robot that searchs engine retrieves a site namely according to the value. A few little skill and doohickey are below:

1, your most commonly used key word is used in your caption.

In searching engine to rank a system in theirs for the most part, for these key word makes higher component.

2, the plural form that uses key word? (be like, will replace Book with Books, so, inquire Book when somebody or when Books, your site can appear before him. )

3, a variety of spelling means use the capitalization of key word and small letter.

(be like: Books, BOOKS, books) same the spelling means of 3 kinds of above of a word can not remove much your work to use, although normally wrong spelling falls can be successful.

4, the combination of the key word that uses your make choice of.

People often is used include 2 or the phrase of 2 above key word will search. (be like: Storage Facilities)

Follow your target market to search truly, add Self, self and your city / the word such as the city. Those products that do not need you and even if of the person that take the visit of Wu are again much, also do not have what value.

5, must use a value.

A lot of search engine are your site to make reference according to these values. The value is located in page Html medium " Head " and " / Head " between, can not be in your page show come. For more accurate use these are worth, the source document that can seek the site with a highest rank will do some of referenced analysis.

Of the value roughly the position

" Html “

" Head “

" Title " write here on caption " / Title “

" Name=deion Content= is written here on the description of your page “

" Name=keywords Content= is written here on the key word of your page “

" / Head “

The example that we single out in a page is below.

" Html “

" Head “

" Title " arrive from A Z is free, resource of the sale on the net of low cost, batch report mails software, electronic magazine " / Title “

" Name=deion Content= gets free and cheap newest software, skill, doohickey and tool, the person that receive more visit, turn round guest, the site that uses you creates more income “

" the sale on Name=keywords Content= net, sale, free electron magazine, electronic magazine, batch email, batch report mails software, software, site promotion, self-study course, the sale on the net, sell a directory, advertisement, “

" / Head “

6, use you 10 to 20 best key word is combined.

The content with rich key word is the critical factor that your site ranks normally.

Clew: If likelihood, perhaps search phrase in each paragraphs begin as far as possible relatively the position before leaning uses you to have representative key word most.

7, come with key word the Alt in your image link is worth cram.

The each page in your site should login to search engine alone, is to logged onto home page to end not just.

Clew: A lot of search engine are met retrieve afresh to your site regularly, if your rank did not change to be able to be met on the site,dropped, so, maintain your site to often be updated.

8, warning! A lot of people are opportunistic in the past, abusive key word will obtain higher rank. Repeat oneself key word again and again namely use, change what literal facial expression makes to get used to page setting color. Once discover you,search engine now so do can take castigatory step.

9, each when be you main key word is created or custom-built an independent page, it is every main search engine to be designed alone. On this meeting flower some time, but once you had been done, will make a person cannot of believe raise site rank.