Fly pig: Common friendship links legerdemain to uncover secret

Core clew: Regard a website as the very important one link in conduct propaganda, commutative friendship links the mandatory homework that became each center, friendship link is put in 10 legerdemain.

Regard a website as the very important one link in conduct propaganda, commutative friendship links the mandatory homework that became each center, friend of a lot of stationmaster links group of Qq through friendship, active application, the means such as advertisement collaboration exchanges friendship hard to link in order to gain taller weight, taller Pr, but always have so a few people, hope others links them only, do not be willing oneself website link appears the link of other website, rack brains then, through all sorts of methods attempt and others exchange the friendship link of harm others to benefit oneself, if kind-hearted stationmaster people do not check temporarily, very easy in enrol and muddy does not know like that, the pig flew to arrange the fraud of a few kinds of links that working middling sees here, share with everybody, according to common level and get behind difficulty, ordinal and listed so legerdemain of 7 kinds of common links:

One, the website is banned by Baidu, still have PR

When a lot of stationmaster exchange the link of friendship, the Pr that considers a Google only an element, want Pr to achieve a requirement to exchange a link with respect to delighted ground only, but some websites, because Seo is excessive,wait for a reason, be banned by Baidu, in Baidu the search is less than this site, still exist in the index of Google however, and have Pr. Such a lot of websites, apply for a link wildly, be collected in order to expect afresh by Baidu, however, I am going up an article " engine of the search that uncover secret collects a problem " have mention, with such website commutative friendship links fraud to be more than benefit, suffer associated penalty very easily. In the meantime, needing what broad stationmaster notices is, have a few sites, although was not banned, but those who have the risk that be banned by Baidu, also had better not exchange a link to it as far as possible, for instance the page has apparent keyword load one’s writing with fancy phrases, illicit take a station to wait a moment.

2, the form that does not use link of direct network address and use jump turn link

The self-help friendship on a lot of nets links a system, the link is not his friendship to point to cooperative website directly, link a page of oneself however, jump through this page turn to other websites, such practice majority are to monitor the hits that friendship links, however, this kind of practice may create a risk however the website to collaboration, be inferior to direct link on the quality of the link above all, next, if was not used 301 jump turn, cause the needless trouble in searching engine to rank possibly still. So if encounter such website, stationmaster must be striven for use direct link, and do not use jump turn link.

3, code of link of output of use JS statement perhaps uses I to include link page

As a result of the search of great majority index is propped up and do not have capture, analyse the ability of Js statement, accordingly, link code through what Js statement outputs, search engine cannot capture arrives, in the meantime, search engine and cannot well the content of capture I, because this uses I to include the friendship that links a page to link a form,also be cannot be searched what engine capture arrives, these two kinds of links are invalid link, a simple judgement method is, examine the other side to link the source file of the page, if do not have the page address that can find you, that should be to use above the link that 2 kinds of means output, here also has a kind of exceptional case, use Js statement to output a link directly on the page, for example Write [a Href=/ Ref= Nofollow] studies abroad together net [/ A] such form, also be Js statement, but the page can be found, such link, meeting capture reachs engine of the theoretic all alone that tell search, but can be equal it at common link, still be an unknown.

4, friendship link area uses Nofollow property

The original idea that Google rolls out Nofollow label is for stationmaster the exterior link that dominates a page better in order to cause the Pr prediction of a person’s luck in a given year of the page, but look at present, this one attribute also was gone to by the person application of have ulterior motives in friendship join, the friendship of these people links problem of it doesn’t matter of at first sight, but after the source code that examines a page, the code that you can discover a link is such form [A Href=// Ref= Nofollow] studies abroad together net [/ A] , much attribute of this one Nofollow, the Pr of the page will not be delivered, although Baidu does not support this attribute at present, but the value of this link already greatly reduced. With the 3rd kind of circumstance, the method that prevents this kind of legerdemain examines source document namely, whether are there a such properties in reading link statement

5, link code is besides Html

Normal webpage by [Html] label begins, [/ Html] label ends, formed a complete webpage. But, at present discovery has partial center, write the code of the link in [/ beyond Html] end label, as a result of [/ the end that Html] represents a page, if will link code to be written in [/ Html] , cannot make sure the link can be indexed prop up normal land grab by search, this kind of circumstance also needs us when becoming a link many heart.

6, the link that the page derives is overmuch

Google makes clear proposal website administrator in the guideline that gives a website the manager the page derive link control is in 100 less than, derive the link is met too much the weight that attenuant page place delivers and Pr, reduce thereby happy the meaning that this friendship links, it is with Pr exemple, if the page of a Pr5 has 1 only outside catenary, so the Pr that delivers the past may be 5, and if the page of a Pr5, the catenary outside having 100, so the Pr that delivers the past may have 0 only, 05 fewer even, the computation of Pr does not resemble above so simple, but a principle is foregone, catenary is jumped over outside much, the Pr that allocates is less. When this asks our stationmaster is becoming a link, do not want only pure itself seeing Pr, amount of the catenary outside returning what should consider a page integratedly.

7, the deceit of Pr

The pig flies to say a case with everybody directly here, one of these day, a domain name nods Com to nod the website of Cn for Peopledaily, search suddenly come to exchange friendship link, pr is 6, but, become the site of Seo as, it is so strange that the domain name is obtained, hard to avoid lets the doubt since the person, at first I think is Pr is hijacked, inquired in Whois then register time, discovery registers time still is very long, later, this website Baidu, discovery, so this website predecessor does photography, be in country is small famous gas, pr talent is so high, just do not know what reason, this domain name is bought, made a new station, and Pr was not updated in time. As a result of the change of website theme, such website, his Pr won’t be abiding, cycle is updated probably in the next by to clear. So, encounter the website with exorbitant Pr, suggest everybody undertakes twice checking, check above all register time, too short happy Pr is exorbitant and likely it is Pr hijacks; to investigate source of the catenary outside the website next, whether to follow current site same subject matter is deceived in case.