Fluctuation Zuo falls, control contrary Google AdSense advertisement

Last a few small blemish that in the small blemish of frame of Google AdSense round horn the Simon in one article mentions round horn frame to appear, mistake, this Simon discovers one does not know is a mistake, still show the result that is less than with getting different thinks so designedly.

We know AdSense group is testing various advertisement type all the time, the word of concatenate of course character style also is among them one of keys of a test, but next reverse on will concatenate character, left and right sides may be the novelty that comparative instead. After all is such style innovation, or does the system make mistake? Answer of Simon neither one, but as Stand Out From The Crowd of this advertising character, this advertisement achieves the result of stand out really, let me arrive carelessly it is very difficult.

AdSense advertisement checks besides above the Google advertisement with this fluctuation reverse, contrary left and right sides, everybody has most propbably had seen a Congratulations! AdSense advertisement checks! ? Simon has looked many times, it is to say not to want to approve or do not approve this ad please in advertisement, this is test AdSense. But is such test what to who looks give? Advertisement advocate? Website promulgator? AdSense test man?

Simon also writes letter inquiry to look about this advertising the ground, but make was not obtained eventually reply in detail. It is table of article of this test advertisement below:

It is quotative content below:
Please Do Not Approve Or Disapprove This Ad. Its For Testing Adsense
/ Unapproved

Textual provenance: Observation of Adsense traditional Chinese stands – case of network profitable tribe