Fan Shaohui: SEO practitioner should face up to a search more

Those who make our SEO this group, the apt of consciousness of all without exception is right of the excessive prostrate of a certain good product and certain rubbish product debase overly, for instance Google is mixed Baidu. The generation that because Baidu is right,searching a result participates in degree artificially taller, the person that make us very much optimize very accurate, and Google is stable however and regularity is stronger, so we often are used to the model of written characters that uses rubbish always to Baidu on wording sentence-making, this also includes of course both between the difference of other technology administrative levels. But Baidu is measured in Chinese user, who dare small inspect?

The discharge count that my general carries the website of a christmas tree that optimizes recently below will make one response. As a result of recently the advent of christmas, the website of a christmas tree that my near future optimizes already obtained pretty good rank on Google and Baidu, 12.24 days of statistic, website of search christmas tree is ranked respectively in Google the first is mixed Baidu the 4th, the above of daily discharge 700IP of the website, by what distribute news dispatches a week is calculated recently, the 60 % discharge of the website originates the user searchs christmas tree one word comes. The rest discharge is very dispersive, website altogether 7 pages, the website did not rank very good other page on Baidu and Google.

Website search indexes the origin scale that prop up is:

Search index props up distributinging state

Scale of discharge of this search engine is the keyword that the user searchs all likelihoods to achieve a website only, the proportion that holds as a result of the christmas tree keyword of this website is higher, at the same time other keyword does not have the other keyword with large flow on Baidu and Google, the search flow-rate ratio that so we can regard as this keyword ratio christmas tree is worth. From this the poor value between the flow that we can see Baidu and Google.

But this is a problem of the dot only, the person that someone can say to search christmas tree is in China to still may be in the majority with the youth, the product such as the picture with other at the same time Baidu, MP3, video also held the youth market that China searchs, created the difference on Baidu and Google user group so. If that is the keyword with a very strong technicality, how is the discharge of that Google about to compare Baidu?

This pours may not. The purpose that sends this article is not to think favour sb who or look down on who, hope to let us however more people are clearer the difference between Baidu and Google, especially we practitioner of a few SEO, when you refuse Baidu technology, do not reject the discharge of Baidu please.

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