Fame, PPC search and SEO: Harmonious or disharmonious

Core clew: The fame of an enterprise, namely the result that the brand is client experience and client service normally.

Search paying fee is regarded to be administrative whole rarely of online fame important one part. Contrary, its are regarded as a kind of costly service, and mail of navigation of sale of SEO search and organic SEO, community, website, phone more be valued by people. Sale person try to simplify sale activity, turn sale tool into a kind of memory. What this one process needs a kind of blame to govern type is alternant with correlation.

Sale activity may be harmonious, also may be disharmonious. Often, disharmonious come from sale or be not is a sale, come from operation however. SEO and personage of public relations major often speak of fame management. In reality, the fame of an enterprise, namely the result that the brand is client experience and client service normally. Now, every brainpower has his rich settle or live in a strange place. Although those people that do not know how to search a website also can send a card,undertake complimentary or be to censure. Complaining is can flush, sale personnel knows, consumer offers an opinion more likely in the light of a product, and the service that won’t praise a company, character or it is the product.

With me the case of personal experience shows what this kind of opinion did not come to me to buy an activity to be able to arise why to be planted influence. Above all, I cite the case of a front, a not famous enterprise BioBidet, it is technically go to Europe traveller member production and cent sell underwear product, people understanding becomes clean after to implement. Discover when me former some installs clean body in the home implement when pipe is too short, I reflect the problem of existence to this enterprise with respect to me. This company report is rapid, the reply on the horse expresses to want to supply 4 feet tube freely to me, pipe already sent me yesterday. Now, this company had the client of a super joy. The next time, search clean body when somebody implement when, probably my experience can make them enter BioBidet website to buy a product directly.

The example with negative another. Recently, I still bought the microwave oven of Amana brand, although undertook one time study beforehand, but of microwave oven dimension still does not suit to find a place for in my home. The shopkeeper that sells this brand calls rainbow home appliance (Rainbow Appliance) . This decision go back this product, put the product in shopkeeper shop, the phone that left me, fax and two report mail an address. And I just get a response after two weeks, they agree to return money, but want me to pay the fee of 15% .

Some consumer meet the likelihood to comment on the service of rainbow home appliance in existing forum, and I chose a store, point out how the enterprise brings about the occurrence of undesirable and online fame. This kind of influence, can bring about its PPC expenditure to do not have efficiency, because somebody may be found online complain.

The online prestige that restores a company is facing a challenge, because every 4 your clients are medium,have can ability affects its reputation. The PPC changeover of together with enterprise leads the impact that may be dropped by fame. Current, whether is Cuil of new-style search engine met from its its restore in the fame of excessive conduct propaganda due position, still unknown. The author that searchs engine in view of Cuil is member of cereal song company, the wind that acquired 33 million dollar is cast, accordingly it need not not be eager to putting in advertisement, should do not have a person to need not put ad more when undertaking searching above its especially.

(Textual a hair on September 2, 2008; compiles: Jin Shengxi)