Face an user optimize

This topic is a little big, and I write often very small (content) .

That talks casually. Optimize cannot be aimed at search engine only, be aimed at a rank only. And should more facing user.

Fall the time of website Loading for instance, the rate that is record in a page rises, the user is met happy a lot of, look from statistical data, you also can discover play a rate to reduce. When a lot of users are awaiting a page to load, close the window, he waits not as good as. Can let Yslow help you analyse and be optimized, this needs technical support, the website optimizes also be need technology, not be to send some of Spam casually the link is possible.

Again for instance, in article content below, listed the other of this station is relevant article, in order to extend the user understanding to the theme, the user also can feel happy, because do not need,search again can see more relevant articles. Same you also can be counted from statistic arrive according to be pleasant to the eye, the page number that visits a visit every time rises somewhat.

Such example is OK adduce is very much, anyhow is face an user optimize, let what the user feels happy optimize, will for a long time look is beneficial to a website.