Exterior link promotes support website website flow 10 methods

Core clew: It is the means that I collect what publish about the expert to be linked about how doing friendship from the net below, arrange come down to be shared with everybody.

This may be a problem that all new center face, to a site, doing friendship to link is the method of website of very pretty good a kind of promotion, it is how this link should be done after all only, many people are special blind, a lot of stationmaster also can appear when the catenary outside searching a lot of errors, it is the means that I collect what publish about the expert to be linked about how doing friendship from the net below, arrange come down to be shared with everybody, everybody has looked before the likelihood, exchange friendship link effectively later for you, suggest everybody or intention go be being comprehended.

1, when the choice becomes a link, a very fundamental premise has thought first namely most the website name that is helpful for him website searching engine, average person is adopted directly use website name, actually this does SEO with you is same argument, achieve for instance win a network, still do not know to achieve when everybody winning a network is when what doing, if you use the effect that the website is optimized or Google optimizes what becoming literal friendship link to be close friends more apparently.

2, stationmaster likes to link a website with website map, this is a serious error, picture link is not accepted by search engine place, the effect is poor, and literal link is alled alone by search engine place is accepted very easily however.

3, outside website of the other side must make a thorough investigation of to whether be collected by search engine before wanting to notice a link when catenary, do not exchange website link with what be crossed by K, can kill oneself website only so.

4, outside catenary is not too much, but be close friends, had better be the same as the website with kind of type or taller PR to link with him website, such collect is helpful for that those who search engine. To standing newly to must not join with congener website, because if your station is done,get not as good as others word, your discharge can be given to grab the past than your well-done website by those, this is an Internet that mix mark the actual combat experience of old friend, this bit is very important, ask everybody to be sure to keep in mind. If you are a mature website, must choose the site with associated tall sex to become a link so, the site of oneself competitor is OK when having do, cooperative ability double win.

5, is everybody knows to search engine individually how connective of look upon friendship? What Baidu values is the quantitative;yahoo that friendship increases on the foundation that what;google of exterior connective quality values is quality of outer ministry connective values exterior connective quality more than Baidu. Try to be referred to big classified list, such practice not only the retrorse link that gets high quality, and still need not pay any cost.

6, the website that a lot of stationmaster do friendship link to hope cost looking for PR is high, if talk about ministry of of all of Zuo of city Qu civilian , exchange relevant net with this website namely this is a very good thing originally, nevertheless many people go into to exchange the error of the link. The requirement with these only pure websites should exchange the PR value that links a website, and the website that does not go considering this website to follow his has dependency, no matter you are what kind of website, what kind of content, want you to certain PR was worth complete link to go up only, apparently see the link amount that comes from personal website quite much, the kill that such doing may bring a few results, namely so called discharge, but the effect that will surely not have materiality. According to my old experience, with those and you the website has certain content complementary sex, the website link effect of associated sex is best. For instance you are household kind website, so you seek house property kind the website perhaps lives kind the website becomes friendship link, can bring many discharge from their website so.

7, it is good that friendship links more effect to be not jumped over certainly, the friendship of home page links an amount not to exceed 20, the link that goes up in home page especially does not link too much picture, affect a site otherwise open career. OK of course inside the page installs a friendship technically to link a page, that can the more the better.

8, dozen of links a website extraction of a root that making also should set into on type build the window, this are very important, or the guest that is yourself website originally runs to the website of others to go up however.

9, website quality how this matters to a website whether can long-standing problem, if website quality is very poor, but PR is very tall. Such website also is not good commutative boy or girl friend. The PR of the website with website poor quality can fall one day eventually, this is not stabilized with respect to what be your website PR added a very big factor.

10, look to whether had been collected to reach its to be searched by each big search engine by link website the newer frequency of engine how (the time that can see in searching a result the last dividend is updated, if exceed 3 days to was not updated, won’t show) ; if the website that catenary enters is collected by each big search engine and if often still be being updated, so your website also can take not little light. Because search engine to also can be opposite,the site of the link undertakes be updatinged accordingly, so you do not need to hand in money to search engine company to help you update.