Exterior link optimizes fundamental tutorial the concept of the operation and analysis

One, of anchorage link use

The link is Internet webpage between connective ligament, doing not have a link can be isolated between all webpages and website. What is anchorage link? In SEO the anchor in this domain is linked understandable link for text. Search engine to be calculated through linking dependency, will evaluate the importance of the website and authority. Mix early in the many Baidu year ago Gu Ge’s author parted to give to the importance of the link elaborate in detail. Is the fundamental that its exceed catenary to analyse: ? Does flatter fry Jian of buzzing castrate of spay to be  of trade of balance of  of  of Huang Lu of  of school of  of  firewood Mao thick drive horsefly to confuse broadleaf plant lament to be able to bear or endure does paddy of big pool of constant  Mei carry  on the back is reef Lu  carried on the back receive Ω confusing to censure does Mao  sentence Mou to believe  of K of Jin of Nuo horn regretful to make rich?

A. <a Href=> Nuojiya </a>
B. <a Href=></a>
C. <a Href=>Nokia </a>
Here involves your keyword option, if the Chinese of the choice is Nuojiya, your anchor chain reinforce should be <a Href=> Nuojiya </a> .

Because search engine is according to the word match undertake calculative, and the search engine of contemporary mainstream also does not have interpreter function to exceeding the computation of the link. Before to current search engine does good anchor chain to receive ability to make sure website rank leans only.

2, one-way link

One-way link is website of the other side guides to you unfavorable balance of trade is linked, and the means of a kind of link that you need not guide to him unfavorable balance of trade is linked.

Telling this from the technology is means of best a kind of link, website of the other side undertakes commendatory polling to your website, and your website need not undertake commendatory polling to him. The advantage is can make sure PageRank is worth already so deliver, also can assure the weight between the website deliver, the most important is the weight that assures him website won’t outflow. Tell one-way link to still can bring the visit of certain amount to measure from experience. Defect is project executive difficulty, stationmaster of very rare website can have one-way link with other website.

3, two-way link (friendship link)

Two-way link differs with one-way link, it is to point to to be linked each other between the website (also say friendship links) , this is the mutual beneficial between a kind of website links means one kind. The advantage is a project executive success rate is high, defect is a rank by action abate.

4, the dependency of the link

The dependency of the link can divide for at 2 o’clock:

A. The dependency of content:

If the content theme of your website uses skill about digital camera, and having a website additionally is to release digital product to evaluate, the theme of these two websites is very relevant. The site that comes from this number product to evaluate content derives the link of your website, to raising you site search indexes the action that props up a rank wants to be more than to point to the link that come over about meeting friendly site far. Two are the site content correlation about consumptive electron theme the gender is the biggest, but actually, we discover the site of these types often is a competitor, unless you are,have the person of these two sites at the same time.

Expect the exterior anchorage link that your competitor derives to you one points to your website, look be like is a very hard work. Nevertheless, facilitate the site with such content very tall dependency derives exterior link gives each other likelihood or presence each other, the reason depends on, the market that they face because of area or user group by fractionize, each other do not form competitive concern. It is test at this moment even when stationmaster and person communicate ability, communicate with the person, wide arteries and veins driving a person also is a website a kind when manage existent path.

B. Anchor chain receives literal dependency:

If your website theme is Zhou Jielun,what the consideration needs here is song confusing is met. So your anchorage link character should be Zhou Jielun or Zhou Jielun song is confused meeting, and that lost club of comic dialogue of De Gang of Guo of De Gang of use character Guo to build the action that links a passageway with the theme apparently.