Exterior link is optimized refer DMOZ and link bait

One, land Dmoz

The Dmoz of library of open mode catalog with the greatest whole world, open catalog project (Open Directory Project, abbreviation ODP) , also call DMOZ(to originate the logogram) of Directory.Mozilla.org.

The advantage of entry DMOZ

1. because Google, the large search engine such as Baidu uses the database of ODP, so once be collected, the PR of your website can appreciate very quickly.

2. home has the data that a lot of people are duplicate DMOZ, be equivalent to becoming a link to you secondhand, very helpful to promoting PR.

3.Because the data of DMOZ is the foundation of database of engine of many large searches. After entering DMOZ website his derive the link ranks action to be able to exceed imagination, even the favorite that your website will make search engine collect a rank.

How to refer your website to DMOZ

1, do not refer half-baked site

The member that edit basically won’t pass half-baked site, even if your website content is novel and original, the technology is advanced. The forum of those new construction is not anxious also at the same time refer, normally for little the forum that registers user and 10000 cards at 1000 won’t be passed, the card that comes with collection means lane of course and register user and it is to reprint entirely also be no good, did not underestimate the member that edit, the website that because they see,passes compares you normally much.

Although not quite affirmative an editor record that is deleted can be in how old the influence on degree is collected, a bit can affirm, the member that the member that edit meets the editor before looking normally when deciding to whether be collected handles commment, to the site that those also need not control, a bad historical record may make site and Dmoz brush a shoulder and over- .

2, before referring, avoid to have a mistake

If the webpage has a mistake, the member that edit can have sufficient reason to reject you. The mistake includes page mistake, link mistake to wait a moment, also include the baleful code on the page.

3, a good site description

Must not use most what, China the first and the whole world first-class word. Even if you are the most outstanding on this world, may not not be in people look such, dmoz is the angle introduction network address that stands in tripartite, so tendentious word is met as far as possible evasive.

Discuss the job that descriptive site is the member that edit from some kind of meaning, if you referred a pretty good site description, the member that edit can collect your site very gladly, because he needs to nodded a link to complete complete work only, and a description is written again after all pages that need not visit you. Descriptive punctuation mark is more important also, a few farfetched symbols that do not use oneself in forum are used, coda remembers using period. If do not know the site that how describes oneself reads the description of the site that has collected in Dmoz more, this are very important.

4, submit irrelvant list

The record that the member that once had seen article of an experience introduction says the basis edits lands decides to submit what list, the member that refer network address to those the most active editors is editorial in catalog, nevertheless this is full of prunes. The not all member that edit is familiar with whole catalog structure very, beautiful to suiting the network address of this catalog to need occasionally time goes searching appropriate catalog to transfer, if be a network address that new editor may delete you directly. Remember: Neither one editor can collect irrelvant network address to oneself in editorial catalog.

5, do not stay any SEO trace

A lot of sites pass with respect to SEO before refer, countless reduplicative were installed with the place such as Title in Tag keyword and a lot of links that are without a relation were added on the page, this is Dmoz special abstain from, the site to SEO SPAM is to be not collected normally. Also do not ask SEO company to help you refer Dmoz, unless their company somebody is the member that edit, can abuse catalog, otherwise these people do not have any advantages. SEO company connects regular meeting to leave the SEO mark of other company on your page, for instance friendship is linked, this metropolis is suspected undertake SEO SPAM and be rejected to collect.

6, repeat refer and much mirror site is referred

More effect is better in the catalog that network address appears in Dmoz, but do not repeat blindly refer or use much mirror of much domain name to refer, once be discovered,may delete all relevant sites along with all the others. Dmoz has a lot of problem, but the foundation that Dmoz still is search engine, also be the important parameter that the website is optimized and ranks, so we must be kind to it. At present Dmoz simplified Chinese needs the many member that edit, if you have fun at,can submit application to Dmoz, the opportunity that I miss to this period is approved now wants than allowing when to be awaited before big.

2, link bait (ZAC viewpoint)

In linking bait to be built in the exterior link of SEO, became new round focus. Search engine optimizes experts to give rely on content to attract guide the link had an interesting name: Link bait (Link Baiting) . The member that Matt Cutts(Gu Ge turns over cogged small composition) once had recommended link bait in his rich guest. The page that links bait often is had attract everybody the content of eyeball, because the person of this executive discharge bait must have very tall originality,engineer ability.

The link bait page of sound program, can let a website acquire the retrorse link with extremely huge amount, this can increase the magnitude exposing to the sun of the website not only, increase the visit amount of the website. More important is, these links are acquired naturally, and have stronger text dependency, can increase the link scope of the website effectively, raise a website to lead the rank in propping up in the search thereby.

Generally speaking, these a few kinds of content are compared below make bait easily, attract someone else to link to you.

How to make link bait

The news inside industry of news of A compose major or domain, of course, not be that the highroad news of phyletic sina, and must be the content with some kind of particular website, the analysis that has distinctive perspective to specific event for example.

B offers resource download to provide the resource that can use for someone else, include information, content, tool to wait.

C develops humorous endowment people hopes to be able to see some produce laugh content easily, this respect need not wordy.

Your viewpoint is what refutes the argument of someone else to want to hold two premise commonly: 1, incident itself is worth to discuss, the bagatelle of trifles is afraid not much it is person attention;2, certain to refute an object to be had inside this domain famous degree. Purposeful sexual attack and photograph of critically other viewpoint are compared, purposeful attack practice of the gender more very one pace, a lot of moment force the other side to must be responded to through sharp individual attack. Of course, the object that is atttacked is the well-known public figure inside course of study of person of the same trade or domain. Latter this kind purposeful the practice that the gender atttacks appears more and more general, this also is the main reason that link bait is oppugned by many people.