Explore the impact between SEO and electronic business affairs

Electronic business affairs this word should be 2007 Internet most one of words of Hot, as Alibaba appear on the market, more and more people focusing is in electronic business affairs in this chain. From now the case looks, the old bird that more search engine optimize people devote into electronic business affairs in this link, the article is not demonstrative method, hope to explore however more a few character are mixed between a few SEO and electronic business affairs substaintial.

Optimize to search engine, believe more familiar to choosing stone person has clearer knowledge. And to electronic business affairs, a lot of people think is business thing just. Such understanding brought about a lot of people to do electronic business affairs to will search engine to optimize put an unprecedented height. Think the rank is only high, can have yield, perhaps break money to do, can Ok. In the A before thinking a few years, there are a lot of people at that time in will so called A optimize means favour sb arrive an unprecedented height, think they are the good product that electronic business affairs and SEO combine each other, and in fall after authority disturbance, a lot of people think the means in A should suffer again disgustful. But the person far more than that imitates Alibaba at that time, have so much station, why to still laugh in A finally?

If the viewpoint according to the memory in the program, the individual thinks, electronic commerce is essential is chain of link of whole electron business affairs, whole segment cent is 3 parts, before carry out: Of the main user that finish guide, the information of the user stores, include the satisfaction of pair of user demand, change kind of bit commonner view, that is to say should let an user come to your page, obtain him to want the content that see next, produce bought desire. And say commonly namely in carry out pay, content sorts a problem, carry out hind is the quality problem of the product, and the mechanism that a few brands pass on.

Let us look, SEO can make a few parts in this giant industry chain after all, actually with respect to 2 parts, the first, guide an user to enter relevant page, the 2nd, the builds a few feedback with carry out hind place of a few brands before carry out supports. If from sale viewpoint (Marketing Concept) for, the crucial point that SEO can achieve to organize a target partly determines the desire of target market and need truly in Yu Zheng, and compare the desire that competitor satisfied a customer effectively and need. But SEO is not all, he can say only is a kind of method. Want chain of link of business affairs of complete and whole electron, not be so easy thing.

The relation between SEO and electronic business affairs, in light of now, it is a kind of appurtenant relation, SEO attributes a kind of of sale executive kind, of sale of and rather than all, because the electronic business affairs of sale is not only complete, and SEO can huge initialization is whole the core of chain of biology of electronic business affairs is rock-bottom. So, if want to rely on SEO to steer the friend of electronic business affairs, the hope can consider from each link, integral look upon is whole the means of sale, move centre of gravity gradually the top layer of sale, go explaining whole electron business affairs from the concept, is not simple SEO is equal at electronic business affairs.