Experience shares: I optimize 3 experience of website caption label

Website caption label has important sense mediumly in the search, searching engine choose a website through the keyword, and the caption of the website is the main destination that searchs engine to search a keyword. Build a station since 3 many months, to website caption label optimize exploring all the time, passed 3 times optimize:

Original my website caption is such

Advocate caption builds station learner, subhead is with the individual stationmaster travels together all the way. Discover the performance in Baidu is not very good all the time later, a few key word inside have the learner that build a station to build a station to learn to build center of station study individual, except build a station to learn this keyword to be able to be brought one day besides a few discharge, other is to do not have almost, the weight in Baidu rose later, a day of discharge that comes from website caption also has 35 only, these a few key word inquire in Baidu index, do not have data entirely almost.

The 2nd times I optimized caption to draw the lesson of first time

Reservation advocate caption builds station learner (do not have method, the LOGO of the domain name meaning of the website and website is these a few words) besides, travel together subhead and individual stationmaster all the way changed the construction that is website of guest of Chinese individual rich, individual, promotion and development to provide support, should say, the key word that contains in this subhead should not little, have any better the data in Baidu index is more, but do not know why, of my website advocate the caption expression in Baidu engine is very pretty good, build a station to learn to build station study learner these a few keywords are discharged be in the first, but those keywords that subhead includes, it is neither one platoon however in 100 before.

This must make a person suspect, of the website advocate is the position of caption and subhead different? The relevant data of this respect is searched on the net, do not search, be forced to remain at studying later.

Now, must give firm to enrol

Make the content of website column into phrase it, put in advocate on caption, I present advocate caption is: The website builds promotion – network SEO is optimized, subhead builds the rich settle or live in a strange place that station learner dust flies upwards, advocate caption in these 12 words, after search engine is segmented, inclusive key word is more, and these key word have on 1000 to arrive in Baidu index the data of thousands of, advocate the key word that caption contains has these: Promotion of website construction, website, SEO, optimize SEO, promotion is optimized, the website is optimized, the network is optimized etc, subhead highlighted the rich guest that this is me, and in the net name that I appeared in subhead, hope this net name can be below his effort, let more people remember, of course, this beautiful oneself time is mixed hard!

After using label of caption of this one website, the 3rd day of Baidu updated snapshot, with the tool that provides on the net inquiry website builds promotion – the sort that network SEO optimizes this website caption, the platoon is in Baidu the 10th page, namely 100 or so, after a week, the platoon is in the 5th page, inquired next Baidu engine today, it is a platoon in the 2nd page, sort is 17. This is to insist to update a website recently, insist to exchange the result that the link brings with other website.

Hope my website can have good performance in engine, next, my general continues to observe the website is searching medium pertinent information. Of course, make a station, content just is the most important, SEO should secondarily (Wslearner.com author dust flies upwards)