Experience shares Baidu to collect a website quickly at 13 o’clock method

1. refers network address in Baidu but the speed that Baidu collects automatically now has let everybody place know, offer the following means so. Offer my dear friends, battle companions and the brotherly sisters of my core group are referenced, share to everybody when New Year is coming finally the following recent experience.

2. establishs Baidu airspace. Generally speaking, the Baidu airspace that establish can be collected a few days commonly. New station can establish a Baidu airspace related to him website, add a few articles in the space next and him attach the network address of the website. In the meantime, the friendship in Baidu space links the network address that also adds his. The new station that finds you also can be linked while Baidu is collecting a space. Adopt this one measure, probably left and right sides of a week can be collected by Baidu. Of course, if feel to build dimensional labor, also can arrive Baidu space home page (Hi.baidu.com) search a few recommend a space, leave a message in their space and add a link to also can be accelerated collect.

3. Baidu knows to send post a money order receipt to be signed and returned to sender. Baidu knows the column searchs the weight in in Baidu very tall, post of the hair in the column that knows in Baidu is answered stick also can accelerate collect. The pattern that can use ask oneself to answer oneself is his answer setting the answer, the data sources in the answer manages the new station link that adds his. If you feel Baidu knows it is very troublesome and easy that ask oneself answers oneself,be sealed, the problem that that knows to others replies in solving a problem in a few newest Baidu adds his link. To these new issues that did not resolve, baidu also is met often of patronage retrieval.

100 divisions found 4. Baidu new vocabulary entry. The weight that 100 divisions column searchs in Baidu follows Baidu Baidu knows the column is similar. You can found an as about the same as new station theme new term, keep online station and link address in data sources next. This effect knows to there is the effect of different in approach but equally satisfactory in result like the answer with Baidu.

5. Baidu collects new station. Baidu collects a column (Cang.baidu.com) the new column that is Baidu, although weight is not tall, also prove without example its are right collected effectiveness. But orgnaization of business affairs of sea type electron thinks, baidu collects the favorite on the net that is an user actually, affirmative to the website Baidu in user favorite meeting gives corresponding weight, can visit understanding at least.

6. sends flexible language to add a link. The famous website such as stationmaster net is stuck after sending a soft Wen Ran the method that this is first selection of stationmaster of a lot of new stations. Actually this method is inferior to going up a few methods of row are collected come quickly. After all above 5 methods are new station is recommended in the product in him Baidu. This is just like two children, one is him with one’s own hands, another is others home, who do you say the meeting that does father and mother is taken care of many a little bit?

7.Open Blog, those who want famous place, what sina, celestial pole, a place of strategic importance enlighten ah, sohu, baidu space ah of and so on, on the friendship join that accomplishs the link of your website these Blog next.

8.Soft Wen Xuan is passed, write an article, whats go: Of technology having a place, write a skill, those who do not have a technology, write affection, nod really anyway, write an article, style of writing is good, write a place more, style of writing is poor, also be written as far as possible, after be being written, revise below, the link of own website is taken finally in the article.

9.your new station address, put your QQ, inside the autograph of MSN, still have to yours deliver a network address, let them look, published view, with the view that occupies them, improve oneself website.

10.Stick to Baidu know with Baidu inside, proper hair issues advertisement, remember, advertisement must be sent in corresponding type stick in, do not want you to do recreation to stand, you arrive military affairs in hair, not be to say people does not look, can be deleted very quickly however, effect of same that’s all right.

11.Add a few head of a station more group, be in next group in call commutative link, undertake leaving exchange with a few way station, let stationmaster advise more next, come down opinion record, improve slowly.

12.Next members are registered on the professional website of a few large similar content, send some of professional card next, the address of your website on card inner tube, perhaps write in forum autograph on the address that you stand notes: Do not use any group of hair software, yourself thinks, if group hair software is significant, what does that want SEO to do? Group hair software is YY forever person companionate

13.Also be most a bit what want heavier, ensure the website is in go up formally line when, have those who belong to oneself is former achieve content, if oneself do not have the content that achieves formerly, the implied meaning that can take others undertakes issueing an edition, revise next caption, can make oneself text, the article does not want as far as possible too much, maintain update 10 everyday enough, had better not go collecting, oneself pass a test, the check out stand that a movie has made before is nodded, it is to take those who check Baidu to collect a circumstance purely, the content inside this is to collect those who come, and content and caption also are passed revised, but Baidu is not collected namely, because very simple, because be,collect namely.