Experience of search engine sale talks to hold to the whole of the keyword

Does SEM job have technical content after all? Do this thing to also calculate have period of time, had talked about this topic with many friends, some friends work SEM professional the god of Kan actually, also some friends SEM professional demote worthlessly. As to after all how doesn’t technical content say first.

With respect to individual experience character, SEM from macroscopical go up, the mainest 3 levels:

Politic layer: Correct sale thinking (who am I? What should I do? I should achieve what result)

Skill layer: Equitable keyword distribution (what word to choose? How many word to choose? Want what kind of rank)

Safeguard a layer: Optimize continuously, seek optimal.

Li Jun basically talks about the issue that overall situation of keyword of skill layer respect watchs today, pretty foundation, but not be the problem that everybody has thought this respect deep. When paying cost client friend communication with the search of a few traditional businesses, speak of when how choosing a keyword, general answer is: By the feeling; sees a person of the same trade choose what word I choose what word; to think I can use what word to choose what word is not to say such doing to have what mistake, want to say however, if be opposite,the overall situation outlook on whole of keyword neither one grasps, it is easy that initial stage gains bit of success, it is difficult that later period wants farther promotion.

What is the overall situation view of the keyword? The dimension that differs from two first spends will examine a keyword:

Client dimension is spent

Seek the term of the brand: Big favour English, Hongen study, Hong En is taught (specific target)

Seek the term of the product: English grooms, English takes advanced courses, English is taught (current target)

Seek the term of information: English, foreign language (ambiguous object)

Enterprise dimension is spent

The word of tall redound, medium the word of redound, word of low redound

Spend two dimension union to rise look:

Note: Low redound ≠ does not have redound

After believing to see a picture, even if Li Jun is not told more, everybody also can be opposite the following and real problem somewhat train of thought extends:

1, I am small company, brand of it doesn’t matter, think the order that gain a point makes bit of penny, how to cast?

2, my company actual strength is OK still, have oneself brand, still have a lot of places that spend money nevertheless, how to cast?

3, we are big companies, strong brand is propped up, all-around ground advertisement is made prop up, how to cast?

4, I should sell an index only, how to cast?

5, my need is bred and occupational bigger market, how to cast?

The overall situation view of the keyword is in SEM skill layer is very main base, but do not represent all, when be being operated actually, skill layer needs to be accumulated ceaselessly, the possibility that the pattern that sets through root for instance will come to cover a customer is searched (Lijunblog.com)