Expect video searchs engine to move toward essence of life to spend a period definitely

Video search engine was 2007 the popular topic on the network, as the development of Internet and bandwidth, the user shows clear ascendant trend to the search quantity of video content, and the network video industry that warms up with each passing day more the flying development that accelerated whole video to search engine industry.

Home mostly the more orthodox still course that place of video search engine takes, picture Baidu, Yahoo, medium dog of search, search, love asks, although some had joined video or movie and TV in searching classification, but go up from the range of its video content and processing means, the video of the text content that still is based on traditional formally searchs engine, whether does such video search engine to you can satisfy the place of the user that increases with each passing day to need?

If want to make prospective video searchs engine company to acquire the market, the word of position is had in searching engine industry, so, want to be broken through somewhat and innovate on means of classification of its page style, content, search. This also is the issue that search engine industry needs to solve most.

Prospective video searchs engine to want to break through the video that is based on text content to search a service on search means, accomplish the image video that is based on the technology that smoke frame to search a service, this kind of search overturned the concept of traditional search, the intercept picture that the user can upload program of a piece of video even or it is a paragraph of small video serves as retrieve a condition, search engine analyses file retrieval and this relevant video content according to picture and video, this is search of accurate video of so called essence, also be the breakthrough that place of industry of video search engine should achieve dot.

In light of the development that searchs engine industry according to video, search of accurate video of essence of life also is in the future necessarily the course that place of video search industry should take, it had become the main factor that decides video times Internet develops.

Now video trade current situation is the content between the website coessential change an appearance very serious, what the content repetition rate that this caused video search to all alone engine is searched also comparatives is tall, this brought very big inconvenience to the user.

If video is searched,can have reduplicative video handling, side user screen repeats video in great quantities, this meeting makes user leave out searchs the trouble that watchs identical video, can offer for broad netizen user more the video with accurate, richer essence of life searchs a service. Search result essence changes the another main target that will become a video to search engine definitely.

Review domestic and international video to search the current situation of engine, can see, video search indexes the development space that prop up is very big, foreground also is valued, of course its technology doorsill also is quite tall. At present video search engine allows authority expecting, the search that video shares a website can be aimed at a station only inside, the search that portal website does searchs engine unlike major for certain, and majority of professional search engine has not crossed technical threshold, only the frame of Leexoo identifies a technology to have a place that meaning, not quite mature still. Who can be the first eats crab?