Exchange the basic principle of the link and strategy

(1) , become a link with the competitor

From the point of each big search engine such as Google, Baidu, they take a fancy to retrorse link not only, more the retrorse link with the strong dependency in taking a fancy to retrorse link, we say dependency is the strongest outside those competitor websites that catenary is our set.

(2) , the website that is worth with tall PR becomes a link
Tall PR is worth (PR≥6) the website means tall weight, also mean more attention; Becoming a link with this kind of website directly is extremely of be to one’s profit;
OK also and indirect acquisition their link: A and SOHU crossing-over are linked, target website and A exchange a link.

(3) , become a link with the website that often updates
Can transmit character because of what update frequency, bring about Spader people the page that in frequent patronage these often update at the same time, also can successful capture our page.

(4) , 10000 inside page link is nicer than the link of a home page
For the algorithm that is worth from PR, PR is tall admittedly important, but, if the measure is extraordinary much webpage (10000 above) point to certain page, so many a little makes a mickle, although the contribution of every page is not large, but because the amount is very large, product result is very big however!

(5) , natural link is taller than linking weight purely
Natural link shows article is medium link or public relations link. Because be linked naturally, general meeting is in outside the page with less chain appears, corresponding weight should be compared dinkum outside catenary wants a lot of taller, additional, the deploy with corresponding OK and corresponding text measures a keyword certainly, let dependency get huge rises so.

(6) , quality is more important than the amount
Below identical negotiation difficulty, we suggest to choose connective quality (namely dependency, PR and spend newlier) . Because cross the rubbish of most quantity,the link is met the brand effect that damages us on certain level.