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Core clew: One transmits SEO guideline in Google interior, google website administrator rich guest shared his come out, although you do not have a website, or rich customer is kept in BSP, this is one is worth reading to search engine to optimize a guideline. This guideline won’t tell you how to can discharge the first in Google, but can make your website or rich settle or live in a strange place right the person that browse and search engine are more friendly.

One, use distinctive, accurate caption

Without giving thought to to browsing person still search engine for, caption to a website it is very important. And caption has all in all place in SEO.

You should try:

1, correctly descriptive webpage content

2, the caption that differs for each webpage assign

3, the caption of use clarity

You should avoid:

1, caption and page content have nothing to do

2, use did not name (Untitled) , page 1 wait for a term to name a webpage.

3, all webpages use a title

4, caption is too long

5, caption has the keyword with content wide of the mark

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