Examine a domain name to whether be crossed by K

A new domain name time is registered in us, whether is need observation crossed by K, especially whether by Google or Baidu K, because of a domain name by K hind, even if change the appearance also may cannot get search engine for a long time to be collected effectively.

The method is as follows:

1, pass Site: / Link: Two search an instruction, those who examine this domain name collect a circumstance, if collect for 0, but exterior join is very much, criterion this domain name already by K.

2, input website address to inquire in search engine directly, if discover a certain number of in the result all complete include this domain name, and Site is had, criterion this domain name is big likely already by K. (gutty impossible, in after searching engine to index namely, was not being released in search result instantly. )

3, through examining website history page, website world rank whether is will decide this domain name old domain name.