Even if search engine algorithm to change core train of thought to won’t change forever

Core clew: Search engine algorithm, form a link namely, value is higher, before leaning the more. Optimize oneself key word, raise oneself rank. Update in time, the machine rate that is searched so just is compared big.

Search engine algorithm perfects algorithmic mechanism newlier ceaselessly, it is OK to should stand in search to all alone engine battalion carries the angle of business goes wanting only, think how it will be updated, what the Gao Zhihui that ultimate goal thinks to all alone search engine algorithm is imitating the mankind namely goes judging a website is good with bad, through a few choose, final best, the most valuable, the most outstanding website presents the person that come out to let browse to get the most effective, newest Internet information.

Search engine algorithm, form a link namely, the computational law of network address value. Value is higher, before leaning the more. This algorithm searchs engine every is confidential again confidential, can oneself are conjectural of what. But the key word that can optimize oneself, raise oneself rank. Update in time, the machine rate that is searched so just is compared big.

Search engine algorithm changes core train of thought to won’t change forever

From search index props up algorithmic change, we can see it seems that now most the surface and the general orientation that should be development of a future, also be SEO arrives from before now all the time importunate optimizes strategy.

Optimize from the META previously, to now SE abandons the KEYWORD in META basically we are not ugly after this label piece, the target that searchs engine values the share that the person that browse can see directly more and more namely, the part that pays close attention to most with the person that browse.

Simple for why to say navigation it is very important to optimize, why H1 is very important, the reason is very simple, take seriously because of the person that browse. Begin from the habit of the person that browse, the person of the webpage that browse is commonly see right side from left, of all left optimize those who compare right is important. Webpage basically from on see below, of all upside optimizing is more important than bottom, of course here important it is opposite only. According to the first screen under BANNER is very important for the regular habit that browse, it is a person orthoptic screen is the easiest, the place that sees the most easily also.

Such we discover not hard, the clarity that optimizes webpage whole format is very important, engine of all alone letting search knows your webpage position, let him find the person that browse to spend the part of attention again thereby. Next is the part that spends attention again in the person that browse, rise naturally spend related the keyword.

Although do not have complete reason to believe such idea is correct, but such trend is inevitable, be lost sight of in a few users or carelessly the place is optimized, this kind of means is sure to be detested by the user, should be detested by the user only explain the day that is abandoned by SE is not far also.

This also is why to say all the time, user experience is the job with the mainest SEO, because search engine to also be in,develop toward this direction, understanding the experience that the user wants also is pair of search engine is friendly, optimizing ability so is long won’t be alled alone by search engine abandons. Clear your webpage layout, understand the browsing habit of the user, spend the area that browse again, can spend the page that reads you to click heat with dimension you know now the experience of the user.