Establish the 9 great secret of success of site map for caller and spider program

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Not be every website needs site map, however site map is a pretty good tool really. Site map can offer double end: The website that they make the entry that props up spider program to offer advantage to you for the search not only is all webpage, provide convenient entry for website caller likewise. Be distinguished exclusively even if caller and the method that search engine to enter your site map are different. Because enter the method of site map to differ, should build so to search at the same time index is propped up and the site map with friendly caller.

Want all webpages to link main navigation only, the website with a few lesser dimensions needs site map far from. Once you enter the main navigation menu with secondary, site map can help search engine and the find them to want pron any thing with the very fast person that browse. So you can choose to build map of a site to use with search engine while also use at caller, of course you also can build many sites map. And what we should tell is to build applicable to searching engine and caller site map respectively.

Build site map for spider program

<1>.xml file

.xml file should be put in the root catalog of your site, and should include the link that catenary receives all other webpage. This.xml file must be OK of application, can compile and in should putting it to a proper.xml documentation, pass in root catalog.

<2>Robots file

Must put document of.xml site map in to search a program to hold accessibility place. Site map is to make clear in your Robots file: URL (exemple: Sitemap: / Sipages/list.htm)

<3> keeps newer

Ensure your.xml file often is mixed newlier upload, increase in you at least webpage and when deleting a webpage, want so do. Large website every are month, weekly it is even can carry out automatically everyday update.

Build site map for caller

<4> navigation is linked

The site map that builds for caller and general webpage do not have what distinction. The page foot of all one class navigation and whole website should link site map page. Such caller are met very easy find each link.

<5> is additional page link

To the help page and 404- are weighed directional such page should link site map page. The person that this help is visited finds the thing that they mean more easily more quickly.

<6> is wraparound

The overview that offers one Duan Jian weak point in the upper part of site map page is very helpful. This is pair of caller that land site map page directly perhaps introduce best from a of the caller that comes elsewhere.

<7> caption and layout

The layout of site map should be the structure of website clarity. Caption and crosshead should be in the group with site map relevant page becomes a link.

<8> text is linked and describe

Site map basically uses text link, do not want mix into to have a picture or the thing with wild other. Blank moment is at the back of link when, increasing a paragraph of brief characterization is a very good method, it can tell caller every link is where to lead to clearly.

<9> keeps newer

Ensure your site map often is mixed newlier upload, increasing at least page and after deleting a page, should be updated and upload.

What no less than says above me, not all website needs site map. But, site map has very great help really to the website. Do the method with site the most effective map to make caller and search process gain the biggest advantage namely.

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