Enterprise website is optimized brief talk

1, key word is optimized with search engine

If the website is the static webpage that gives priority to with Html, be alled alone by the search such as Baidu engine is collected easily; Key word and the choice of word group is crucial also related its. Product name, characteristic, brief ad saying is first choice, the proposal should contain key word content in every webpage, when waiting for search engine to search through Baidu in caller so, be found more easily.

2, website design and structural frame

Caller visits a website, above all the integral figure that of greet is a website, we ask caller has very hard those who fall in love at first sight exceed strong sense, but the website that imagines a design is cheap very hard also, can obtain the credit of caller or attract caller to stay. The design of the website should consider integral sex, harmonious sex, with company image match the element such as the gender.

3, of the website professional

The expert has forever in the eye of people taller count a cost, of the website professional also be such. Before the author a few days of intranet that ever had seen company of an aluminous phone stand, there is the many movies download card that is without correlation with the enterprise unexpectedly in its forum, net canal also is very happy with it it seems that, believe such website can obtain the client’s reliance very hard. Not as big as enterprise correlation content should abandon when so enterprise website allows a program inside, is not to the more the better.

4, the integrality of website content

An outstanding website should have the content that compares full and accurate, especially company introduction, product introduction, after service, the website of language of very few number lets a client very hard have the reliance that understand and acquires a client more in detail to the company. Length undertakes too much doing not have repetition necessarily also is bad, want fine, concise, comprehensive.

5, whole connection way

If there is an Email only on the website, the information such as specific connection address, phone is not complete, such website estimation does not have a few people to dare believe.

6, the rigorous sex of content

If website content has many wrongly written or mispronounced characters, or the words fail to express the meaning, such website estimation also does not have a few people to dare believe.

7, visit speed

A few does visit speed basically have to plant likelihood, one kind may be server quality difference; One kind is a website the design is unreasonable, the website uses many big picture, animation to wait. The person that the website with visit extremely slow rate can allow a visit only loses the patience of the visit and leave.

8, the seasonable sex that information feedback replies

Of website of a lot of enterprises leave a message board, email a long time cannot get a reply, such website can give a person irresponsible impression only, and the distrust that causes caller.

9, do not want bully people by flaunting one’s powerful connections

A lot of websites place a few famous websites that are without correlation with oneself in home page, wait like Google, Yahoo, this meeting causes this website and these to a few novices impression of mistake of famous website related, but the place of old network bug that also can let be familiar with the network very much despises, it may be said is advantageous have disadvantage, the proposal is not used had better.

When additionally the website is choosing friendship to link a website, should notice to choose, do not want the website that with a few designs inferior, credit differs to establish a link, build a link to conduce to with the famous website of a few high quality instead raise website reliability.

10, the reliability of content

If the website has apparently disloyal content, the person that can allow a visit produces great allergy.