English website searchs a bit experience that engine is optimized and popularizes

The first: Your English station must have the accurate strategy that make.

The design that English stands and make, the style that must accord with a foreigner, culture is used to and use Internet to search the means of information, their psychology goes to comply with make, they meet love talks about weather, you make the content about weather, cut a thing that does not want a China to move a foreign country, what the QQ on the Chinese asks first is a men and women, age little imagine, the foreigner likes others to ask about their age least of all.

The 2nd: Your English stands must can win the competition on Internet. (Be aimed at enterprise website and business affairs website)

Your product, each countries are being produced likely, win potential customer likely through the website. In can competing, your website must go in front, otherwise, the port that your website builds sells at a discount greatly. Place says those who be aimed at is enterprise website here, make abroad’s exiguous kind more namely to individual website, the foreigner does not understand China, you do Chinese wushu, he won’t be done certainly, such you are little many competitors.

The 3rd: Your English station must all alone can be searched by the foreigner above engine in search.

If your station is in Google, yahoo, the search in Msn does not arrive, that is a how terrible thing, oneself pay and invest so, you must be optimized, because Seo is right for our Chinese: It is very difficult that the Chinese of the website is optimized, more do not carry English to optimize. I introduce a stupid method, although stupid however very use, be being found to each big search engine is with Com terminal domain name undertakes referring (of course, if you are right English is more perfectness, look for the Google that looks for England and YaHoo to refer the search engine with address and commonly used England to undertake referring incidentally, with this analogize, the search engine that seeks other state again undertakes referring) , chat namely again multi-purpose Msn, make friend of a few foreign countries more, recommend your website to them, let them help you publicize, the website that nevertheless premise is you cannot too rubbish, the rubbish here is not to point to acquisition station. Visit foreign forum, the website leaves his station location, similar method still has a lot of, I was not elaborated one by one.

The 4th: Your English stands must can help you realize own government.

What indicate here is to often be updated, stand to abroad, convenient least of all is the management of the website, as a result of phonetic obstacle, we often do not know how to manage, this is about you learn English more, at least should be known about the website, a few vocabularies with commonly used network, the friend that makes English station plan begins effort study now.

The 5th: English originality design and art design.

Everybody has his aesthetic level, the website art design that can suit a Chinese does not suit American, Englishman certainly or Australian person, what is more,the rather that American, Englishman or although Australian person says English, aesthetic level is different also. Must visit foreign website more, follow the website that their design style will come to satisfy most person to visit you, it is very difficult to although this is done,rise, you want to know, once you succeeded, wins get one’s own back also is outstanding.

The 6th: The choice of domain name space.

This is last bits, also be a bit an article is main least of all, many friends do not say to also know, do English station to had better use international domain name (Com, Net, Org) as to in using them which this is not important, important is the content that does good website, page, the design gives the website that accords with them to like, offer for the reader by the thing of value. Space, had better use foreign space, have on visit speed assure.