English website optimizes medium stem technology part

Stem technology (Keyword Stemming) is optimized in English website in more apparent, but optimize to Chinese website it is certain to also have draw lessons from a meaning.

What stem technology points to is certain word is by main stem is derived in English

E.g. Work it is a stem, can produce a lot of contents by this word identical or relevant but different tense, voice, the form such as single complex number, be like Working, worked, worker, works, workers.

In the writing of webpage content, the confluence of the different form nature that should derive same stem as far as possible is among the sentence

And do not use onefold form only. That is to say, if your target keyword is Work, best Working, worked, worker, works, these words such as Workers also should appear appropriately.

Such doing have two profit at least

It is to conduce to search engine establishing webpage theme concept. The word because of these identical stem actually the meaning is identical, or very of close.

2 it is an user when be being searched, use likely various aberrant, differ choose a site for the capital is that word that the author likes to use most. If you appear in the webpage all sorts of aberrant, your webpage has taller possibility to appear in result of different search word.

Of course the occurrence of these words must accord with logic, accord with grammar, noninterference reader is read. Such writing still has certain difficulty.

Same principle still can derive the place of two attentions:

It is the spelling with many not quite same words in English, but meaning just the same.

E.g. Web Site, website, site, these a few words are done not have on the meaning actually too big different, can crossing-over is used, completely OK in different sentence across uses different argument.

Another it is to be when content writing, as far as possible same of a word aberrant all sorts of order that reach a term are arranged consider to go in, mix these rise use in different place. For instance: Web DesignWeb DevelopmentSite DesignWebsite DesignWeb Site DesigningDesign Web SiteSite Developed

The theme of these words is identical, if be on a webpage, these words appear interactively, so right advocate keyword (of Web Design) optimize have enhance action very well, and also can cover more search statements.

Of Chinese website optimize, although do not have the thing of technology of direct and corresponding stem, but the principle with same ground, we are OK also and outspread consideration.

For instance search index props up pair of a few meanings very whether does the word of close regard as same a meaning.

Foundation and introduction these two words, although pronunciation keeps law have absolutely nothing to do with each other, but the meaning is special close. Below certain circumstance, when search index props up content of reasonable solution webpage, regard these two words as very likely one and the same.