Engine of applicable 2008 search is algorithmic 200 relevant elements

Searching engine is developing ceaselessly, so the rule also is in keep changing, need dogs at any time the new trends that searchs engine. The relevant element that algorithm of 200 searches engine arranged here, good thing!

1.The keyword use on website TITLE

2.The keyword use in Meta Description

3.The keyword use in Meta Keywords

4.The keyword use in label of H1, H2, H3

5.The keyword use in website domain name

6.The keyword use in page URL

7.The dependency that keyword and page content mix

8.The age of the page

9.Page size (the proposal is less than 100K)

10.The quality of page content

11.The rate that new page produces

12.The use of static page (Js is not collected by Google place)

13.The keyword of the picture optimizes Alt label

14.Website interior links a structure

15.The website collects an amount

16.The structural administrative levels of the website

17.Whether does the website admit really through Google Webmaster Central

18.Of the website achieve a gender formerly

19.The newer case of the website.

20.Exterior join (retrorse join and friendship join) amount

21.The anchorage character of exterior link

22.The link weight of itself of exterior link page, quality

23.Exterior link page links weight mediumly in the website community of relevant theme

24.Of exterior link found and update time

25.The characteristic of domain name of exterior link website

26.The PR of exterior link website is worth

27.The dependency of content of the theme of exterior link, page and keyword

28.The rate that exterior link produces

29.The age of exterior link

30.Domain name age (begin consideration from the index that be propped up by search index)