Engine of all alone letting search will be in charge of copyright registering

Spoke of the despair that achieves content formerly the day before yesterday, continue to say to achieve content to differentiate a few a kick in one’s gallop opinion that reach pair of penalty sides that borrowed formerly today.

Searching legal measure to protect the legal basis that achieves formerly is the person that any work copyright return to be achieved formerly all, no matter whether is copyright passed register. Someone else is reprinted without what agree, no matter whether withhold former writer full name to link, violate copyright.

The copyright that does not know China has similar United States registers a branch, the content on the website also can regard the copyright that register as protective content. Resemble in front say, copyright is registered is not necessary, it is an option. Although be not registered, work copyright also belongs to the person that achieve formerly all, be protected by law.

Think of from this, may search engine adopt a kind of copyright to register a system? Say simply, the person that achieve formerly is finished in content hind, to the search engine registers this content. Register impossibly before the author anyhow because of the person that borrowed, so from the theoretic person that say to be achieved formerly certainly the opportunity is registered first before the person that all borroweding.

The technical mechanism of implementation may be similar the Ping mechanism in rich guest, the article URL Ping you brings the database that prop up to the search, search engine instantly capture content files. Same content, who above all Ping arrives database, who is achieved formerly namely.

Of course, issue of a lot of technologies needs to solve, for instance at present it seems that rich guest just has this each to use the mechanism of Ping. Want to take this kind of kind, with respect to need all CMS system supports this function. Static webpage also should have some kind of means to realize this function, add plug-in unit on the server for instance, this is about to seek the support of server software.

Again for instance, the speed of Ping must want very fast, search engine should have powerful technology to support, ability processes these signal in time. We know, search engine alls over all previous the webpage on Internet needs for a long time. Although do not have all webpage so much for certain,achieve content formerly, but number also will consider breathtaking. If search engine to cannot make response in real time, accident appears with respect to the likelihood among this. A lot of websites are to pass the Feed a future life of other website to become content, once achieve content to release formerly, the website that these very quickly collection or borroweds also generates corresponding content.

This kind of means can handle content just the same only borrowed, comparative two webpages, achieve formerly there has been a record in the database, other always same content, entirely is deleted. But encounter some people to revise caption, the ground is gotten, two words change here there change two words, how to do at that time? This returned the origin that judges duplicate content again it seems that.

Returning a key to nod is to need troubled times to use heavy law. If search engine to be opposite,borrowed the punishment of the website is only be confined to reminds them to delete tort webpage, or do not collect tort webpage, OK and positive result won’t be good go where. If be reached to borroweding,reprint next heavy hands illegally, every has the website of this kind of behavior, entirely complete station is deleted, never collect, who dare still borrowed or to who dare still borrowed or reprint illegally? Of course, if true such word, website of remnant of the place on Internet is not much.