Engine of 3 big searches rolls out new standard to answer duplicate webpage together

Gu Ge, Yahoo, Microsoft Zhou Sixuan cloth of 3 big competitors cooperates, will support a new World-Wide-Web standard, allow World-Wide-Web publisher to duplicate from his website purify webpage, this will make search engine to collect more webpage, make search result more overall.

Matt of cereal song engineer – Ka Ci expresses: There are a lot of redundant contents on the net, aux will be able to is a lot of more cleared after publisher rubbish, I think this can be welcomed very quickly.

A lot of publisher have many URL, point to same a page, this lets search engine to feel bemused, can collect this one page for many times sometimes, according to reckonning the page that there is 20% on the net is duplicate page. Cereal song engineer puts forward a plan to let publisher indicate an URL is duplicate page or main page, yahoo and Microsoft agreed with this one standard. Nathan of Microsoft project manager – Bajiya expresses: We are very glad that everybody supports same standard, this is apparently advantageous to publisher, let them can prop up more exposure through search index.

All search engine developed the appraisal technology of duplicate page more or less, new authoritative link labels (Canonical Link Tag) business of edition of mark brigadier exert and search engine solve a problem more relaxed.