Engine of 10 big searches optimizes a mistake

In alling alone engine optimizes the Internet in home, search popularizes degree far insufficient still. Major person is optimized to searching engine the understanding of neither one clarity, more do not talk about SEO technology. The concept of SEO and technology, just circulate in group of the one part in Internet. And the SEO technology of core, the person that can master, fewer little.

Simple searchs engine to optimize plan, it is simpler. And high skill, involve SEOER to wait to have higher demand to searching engine algorithm and industry experience. When the basis is diagnosing client website for a few clients that do not know SEO at ordinary times, sees common phenomenon. Summary optimizes 10 big mistakes to search engine. Mix simplier primary, the client that suits to just contacted SEO very much is read.

1.The key word of fixed position mistake

Commonner error is, a lot of clients choose to the keyword of own website, very spellbound. Major client option is big and complete keyword, if very much keyword chooses too extensive, can bring about appear a lot of problems. Choose correct keyword, can control search engine to optimize the success or failure of the project. When analysing key word, we need how to be done. Perhaps you still can be used come from the key word tool at Google or the index of Baidu.

2. ignores caption ticket

Do not look down upon Title, it is the first condition that makes SEO successful. Occasionally, need you to go up mark inscribe only probably, rank of your natural search engine also went up. Had better be each webpage particular a Title, do not let its leave a blank perhaps show a few not matter, farfetched caption. Waste is disgraceful.

3.FLASH and search

This readability is to be aimed at a search for engine. Although, the spider that searchs engine or robot, already very clever. It can very good identifying your SEOSPAM, but it also is not all-round model. It does not know also have a lot of things, say FLASH for example. FLASH is very a technology of cruel, but laborious spider is these pair of thing disinclination. You also take it to do not have method. So, if you are when the station that wants to design a cruel with FLASH, did not forget. Be it, prepare food.

4.JavaScript and search

Use JavaScript undertakes navigation not bad, want you to understand only, search engine won’t be read take JavaScript and you to build corresponding webpage. Accordingly, if you have the menu of JavaScript,you cannot be done so, you should consider to build a website (or the link Noscript labels) , in order to make all links will retrieve.

5.SEO needs to be optimized ceaselessly

Begin to optimize the goal that decides to project place to be finished. This can not stop to optimize on behalf of the website, because search engine to rank be constant change, although you Google is ranked today the first, Baidu is ranked the first. But, the likelihood will search engine to rank wave motion tomorrow, your website rank may appear changed. So, SEO is a job that continuous need has adjustment according to change. At that time, optimize ceaselessly also need to avoid a problem. It is SEO excessive.

6. photograph caption