Either so the 10 big errors of engine of search of Chinese of one and the same

Error 1, website catalog searchs engine namely

Website catalog is the methodical website list that passes artificial classification normally, add normally contain search function. The name that website catalog searchs engine namely only then Yu Yahu, there is list of a website only namely when Yahoo newly established. The form of the bag outside be being passed very quickly of course increased the search of webpage class. What Chinese website offers catalog to search is far over offer a webpage to search, all sorts of hype of together with media, a lot of netizens think the search function of website catalog searchs engine namely by accident.

Be in the United States, what Internet search engine points to normally is to collect on Internet a few ten million to be opposite to a few webpages the search that each word in the webpage has indexing serves a system, it is to be based on the full text of the webpage to retrieve a system.

Error 2, search engine is portal site

If you want to provide search service, everybody thinks you are website of a portal, you are about to attract an user, raise a page to inspect rate (PageView) . Actually, search engine can be content provider completely (the search that website of ICP) , portal offers major serves, and need not face an user directly, the applied service that this is a kind of model is offerred (ASP) mode.

Error 3, when the concept that searchs engine already was passed

Searching engine is Internet on most an application that commercializes first serves, the information that it seeks a need quickly to helping a netizen is very crucial. Internet search engine is a full automatic software service, and be very easy in search result webpage insert the ad that has very tall specific aim, CPM is highest can amount to 70 dollars; to once throw,run so, the website content with the rate common outclass of its accrual and cost serves. According to center of Chinese Internet information (CNNIC)2008 year the statistical result July, in Chinese netizen, the search is an application of the 2nd big Internet after email.

Error 4, technology of Chinese search engine is already mature

Do not say Chinese, although the search index of English is propped up,also mature without development. This expresses new now search engine company to emerge in endlessly on one hand, be like Google, the; such as Ask Jeeves on the other hand more expression is before the United States 3 big websites outside the webpage that wrapped them searchs a part. Actually, the company that calls Inktomi by offers the search of online, Yahoo and Microsoft network serves the United States. Because change of search engine technology is very sharp,this is, these websites cannot dog by oneself the technology of foremost edge. the idea that somebody can have search engine technology to had matured, because website gateway company realized their good qualities is not the innovation that searchs a technology,be actually, however of brand of the masses on Internet build.

The evening that Chinese search indexes the time that props up a technology to appear does not compare English how many, develop speed to cannot catch up with English far however however, because the development difficulty of engine of webpage class search is quite great,this is, the professional of this respect is strange be short of, have the person that develops experience of engine of this kind of search, although be in,Silicon Valley also is belonged to rare, the hardware demand that develops a need also compares general webpage to make tower above a lot of. Baidu company combines Silicon Valley to search engine talent elite, rely on Beijing’s most outstanding software talent, developed large commercialized Chinese searchs engine, chinese search stands on same scratch line with English from now on.

Error 5, speed of Chinese search engine is very slow

The bag outside the webpage search service of certain Chinese website gave a few servers to serve a provider in the application outside the condition (ASP) , wait like AltaVista or Openfind, because the user searchs need to take up bandwidth going abroad, rate is extremely consequently slow. This is not the fault of Chinese search engine, however these websites did not choose pair of ASP be caused by.