Effective analysis keyword optimizes the long remaining part that builds a website to click

Core clew: Keyword analysis is the first pace that we start a website to optimize a project, it is the precondition of strategy of search engine sale, optimized success should depend on greatly the stand or fall that the keyword analyses, before we are doing whole station to optimize, should accomplish keyword analysis.

One, the keyword analyses a method

Keyword analysis has two to analyse a method greatly, the first is to analytic method, to the analysis the method is the fixed position according to the website, and the target of implementation will analyse a keyword, the process; of progressively perfect keyword lexicon the 2nd kind of method is converse analysis method, converse analysis method is to build keyword lexicon first, undertake filtration to the keyword again, arrange an appropriate keyword lexicon then. No matter adopt which kinds of method, the goal that place should achieve is consistent.

1. keyword is analysed to analytic law

Locating first to analytic law need accurate keyword, decide the core keyword of good website, undertake expanding on the foundation of these core keywords, get keyword of end of one group leader through be combined certainly and expanding. Want to do the website of ill hospital of a liver for instance, should use certainly analysing a keyword to analytic method, we decide core keyword above all: Liver disease, next we can undertake the keyword expands on the foundation here, if liver is ill precaution of disease of cure, liver, liver is ill disease of state of disease of health care, liver, liver is diagnosed, liver disease hospital, also can undertake patulous keyword according to liverish classification, for instance liver of second liver, third liver, the fifth of the ten Heavenly Stem. If define the target area of the hospital, can combine the keyword with more exact causes, for instance: Ill hospital of liver of cure of Anhui liver disease, Anhui. Can continue to expand on this foundation next give more keywords with combination, such going down, we got keyword database.

2, converse keyword analyses a method

Method of converse keyword analysis assumes had obtained giant keyword database, use machine algorithm to undertake the keyword arrange and be classifieded, progressively platoon checks irrelvant keyword and useless keyword, get the crucial lexicon of a high quality finally then. Such keyword database has more all ready keyword, the useless keyword need with too much nevertheless existence is discharged slowly in use process check. For instance we should do a liverish website now, choose the liver disease with ill complete information of a liver website, capture its page information, through segmenting algorithmic processing, get all keywords related liver disease. The reentry that has specific aim next chooses processing all right, end up with one spends the crucial lexicon of sort to low frequency from tall frequency.

2, the principle that analyses a keyword

1, affirmatory core keyword

No matter which are planted,analytic keyword method should decide the core keyword of good website first. Want to push what keyword, these keywords build the remedial project that what kind of keyword can experience a hospital on core keyword foundation.

2, it is a center with the patient

Hospital website construction should be a center with the patient, all labor is to let a hospital obtain more patients, those who enlarge a hospital is famous degree. Keyword rank is again good, search also be make a futile effort without the patient, want to study the patient’s search is used to so, in the light of the patient’s search behavior decides a keyword. Psoriasis and psoriasis are same kind of ill different name, a lot of people know psoriasis does not know psoriasis is what disease however.

3, keyword analysis is a long project

Keyword analysis is one increases new keyword ceaselessly, eliminate the process of unsuited keyword, the keyword database that builds a giant high quality needs a very long time. Proposal hospital network builds special keyword to analyse personnel in sale group, dig high grade keyword ceaselessly, offer keyword resource to update website content.