Easy to build website traffic promotion step 100,000

often in the forum and qq group inside and saw a lot of friends advice on how to increase website traffic, how to build a high-traffic sites.
Here we summarize build a high-traffic sites basic steps, as long as you follow the steps to perform, I believe that 100,000 traffic can be easily achieved.

data collection and location analysis

collect data: the status of the industry in which the site investigation and analysis, including the development of the industry, application, industry characteristics, the characteristics of the product, and other network applications;

Web site analysis: according to preliminary data collection, summary, site of their own industry for analysis;

E-Commerce Location: according to the characteristics of the industry characteristics and products, the site industry positioning, a clear basic website;

pattern analysis: analysis of site peer business model, research and e-commerce site that matches pattern;

industry competition analysis: industry competition, summarizes a comprehensive analysis;

Web site development analysis: Website short-term planning and long-term development strategy and other basic policy.

Website Analysis and Diagnosis

Diagnosis System Technology website: Website foreground used to build the form, language and other sites backstage adopted;

site structure diagnosis: site structure is reasonable, whether the efficient, convenience, compliance with user access habits;

Web page Diagnosis: page code is streamlined, the page is clear, the page capacity is appropriate, the page color is appropriate;

file with the file name Diagnosis: file format, file name;

Access System Analysis: Statistical system installation, origin analysis, regional analysis, the visitor analysis, keyword analysis;

to analyze the site, from the analysis, summarized some of the keywords to optimize the site to promote, so as to highlight the search industry competitiveness.
It allows users to find the site a number of industry keywords.

Website sem optimization


Website optimization: structural optimization, optimization framework;

Web page optimization: page layout, page design optimization, image optimization;

navigation design: ease of navigation, navigation text optimization;

Link Finishing: internal and external links to the site will be reasonable construction;

tag optimization design: optimized design of the relevant page of the keyword tags.

promote integration, integrated marketing

Web site traffic promotion strategy: the key is flow problems, this process will be used in many network marketing approach to the development of the site at different times, choose different methods, efficiency increase site traffic;

External link Promotion: Use links strategies;

group messaging promotion strategy: by the industry website analysis, using the appropriate group messaging technology, such as e-mail, SMS, fax, etc.;

Search engine promotion optimization strategy: through sem optimization and improvement, and to enhance the site’s search engine rankings, increase traffic and turnover websites;

Other promotion: Follow the latest network trends, to develop new means of promotion.

website operators

Stay updated and original quality traffic to your site regularly organize interactive activities;

at any time to add based on product features and update the narrative;

According to the market, to adjust the network structure, increased promotional efforts;

set up a website online customer service, such as qq, uc, Ali Want, etc;

According to the website operation and promotion of statistical analysis of site conditions, timely for the site to be adjusted accordingly.

These are the basic steps website promotion, your site promotion process have done, what does?
If you have done it, I believe your site has 100,000 flow-level site.
If you have done has not been reached, I believe that your site-targeted travel problems.
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