Dot stone is interactive gateway of careless root of member be a guest at SEO skill memoir

Should careless root net () invite, netizen of root following grass undertook online chat. Chat by careless root net laugh laughs unripe chair, the difficulty that does a station to encounter with respect to skill of the strategic meaning of SEO, SEO, netizen and stone undertook communicating. It is memoir of netizen query link below, consult for everybody.

You do not know: Is my problem: ? In ⑽ Mo EO, tell say participial principle, with a few habits of the foreigner, the note of English SEO

Stone: This question is too big also. I say I am comprehended first quite the deepest served as an answer. I am in a Hong Kong to appear on the market when the company makes a service, they are an English sites. I discover the problem that they encounter in Seo, be in namely the keyword is politic this place. They choose to forbid to their target keyword, so I should say, english Seo, want the alwaysest above all is, you want do according to one’s abilities, know your competitor and competitive site, for instance, b2b site of China, cannot be apt to, aim at Toys, such Books word, and should consider China+ Toys such word. Toys, books is Yahoo, ebay people of competition, chinese site is very difficult. On the choice of the keyword, we want to remember, what we need to solve is, when the foreigner, look for China conciously (China) when the product, our site is in front. So we see the Seo of site of B2b of area of almost all big China now, the keyword emphasizes particularly on somewhat.

Fair moth attacks fire: You speak of SEO is key word rank not merely, so what can your company offer to rank the service beyond except key word for the client?

Stone: The Seo that I say is not keyword rank, means says Seo serves is not to be ranked to the keyword with client specific commitment. The rank is constant change, have deploy of the keyword strategy from the site, content only, structural adjustment all-around begin, the site is searching the integrated expression of engine to just can promote. Do not assure specific the rank of every keyword, but the promotion that can help a client realize whole station put together to add up to discharge. Especially large site, affirmatory rank is actual least of all also least is too big the problem of the help. What they need is to help the consciousness that they plan and establishs search engine. their product, technology, the editor arms rise

Laugh laugh unripe – careless root net: Raise the question that my near future encounters, we optimized enterprise yellow page recently, just go up last weekend line. Use Site:0 checked next collecting to count, discover Baidu received a few pages, and Google had closed 7750, is this why? Either say Baidu collect speed faster than Google?

Stone: General situation, really Baidu compares Google piece, but this is not equal to every time is such. And to you, just just went up line, so short time says Baidu is collected be no good, still lack patience, need to pay close attention to again.

Search bright query: How does the station of FLASH make SEO?

Stone: How does Flash station do Seo? ? My answer is, you go seeing video stand how to do Seo. I am familiar with the Seo that video stands to also have the experience that operates actually very much, if you read video station carefully, still do not know, my rejoin your problem. Video shares a station also is a Flash actually.

Search bright query: From which a few respects, go analysing the website with a high flow?

Stone: The first, I must clear up his search discharge to hold the proportion of complete station discharge. The 2nd, how many does the amount of core content page of the site have. The 3rd, understand the keyword that this site involves, check the rank of a few keywords randomly. From these 3 angle, can know the current situation of a site roughly, search the latent capacity that the respect can promote.

Search bright query: With rich guest, how can the operation raise the rank with news? ? How is returning the mail in there is fokelore to raise a rank operated?

Stone: Rich guest, news it may not be a bad idea, pass built-in in the article link namely actually, while the article is reprinted, many exterior link is reprinted. This are operating the Seo moment of English to often be used, because abroad has rife to be able to offer the site that public relations article releases, basically offer to have the article that reads value certainly, be reprinted quickly by the foreigner. And know a foreigner very esteem copyright, acquire a large number of exterior links so easily. As to usually mail group sending is rank of very difficult promotion. 2005 when, popularity handles technique one kind, send mail to arrive namely a certain mailbox. Send the message of this mail next, be equal to leave a message at be being released in this site. If choose proper form, can see the information that contains a link in corresponding site, see this kind of method rarely now.

Highest grade blue hill: To already on-line is large website, how can you reducing modification amount while undertake SEO?

Stone: Revise stage by stage, successive. Do not be the same as for a short while, undertake replacing to complete station.

UUSEE- La Shan: Want finally still to replace whole station come over? Just be grading

Stone: How do website content and interface change actually not (too big) relation, the most important is the range that Url cannot adjust for a short while together too wide, in interim, want to had made the wrong definition of 404, let new old version coexist for some time even.

UUSEE- La Shan: So when when be being revised, Url changes, what method to have to be not harmed already some PR?

Stone: Url changes, usually, pr can be affected for certain. So besides replacing Url A Url B, still need an all involves Url A places inside the site, exterior even link, replace come over, the Pr of such Url B can restore quickly. Say so additionally is, actually Pr did not imagine medium so important. You can file a domain name now, bind directly decide an Url, even sina is OK, so spend period of time, the Pr of sina delivers you this domain name.

Hurricane | Crolin: What does the development that searchs engine have to the influence of industry website, after at present bilateral relationship is reached, may develop what kind of. . (having a view is: Industry website of abroad is done not quite well, because search market of abroad is done weller,be, the national SEO in wanting to ask how stone looks so and industry website)

Stone: Search engine stands not to conflict with perpendicular industry, and increasing now perpendicular station special depend on search engine, industry website of abroad is done not quite well, because,be really Euramerican person, itself likes to look for product kimono Wu through searching engine very much. They do not like to seek a thing through B2b platform, the knowledge of the netizen to Internet is actually more intimate, can use search engine to seek a thing more now, for instance we look for software, do not log onto Hua Jun and sky directly certainly, however direct Google Baidu. A bit what still need to mention more additional, the website that is Chinese him enterprise is done too poorly, just gave an industry chance of perpendicular website so much, the site of enterprise itself of abroad is the good platform of a sale, wait for the perpendicular site that is the same as a special fractionize. My website Site:xWhy is behaved in Google very good, be in basically the first page; Baidu performance is bad, it is basic outside the first page! More duplicate than others even page rank is poor still

Stone: Can you say a few specific keywords Preschool education children education

Stone: Preschool education this word Google the first, baidu is 12, you such fall, because Google is right,estimation is the trustful rate of your site is high. Usually, the discharge that Baidu brings can exceed Google a lot of, but the discharge that the site that some Google trust can bring than Baidu is much still. Your site is collected by Google classification catalog, accredit is not so strange. (/ Alpha/Top/World/Chinese_Simplified/ family / domestic Yo baby / )

Be not senior expert query: Should build time of a website anew, in the overall design that whether should SEO bring into a website above all and development, be still in what SEO undertakes again after is the website developed to optimize? If be,be about to consider SEO at the beginning optimize, will tell to website architect, whether provide some of specific operation measure?

Stone: If can be in,bringing into overall design and development at the beginning is best, if be website him architect only,make a station, criterion this measure is to rely on his understanding to hold completely. If be big company, the brains that asks Seo personnel shares earlier stage, participate in site construction program and Url design. Before the line on finally, still must let Seo come check

Big sun: Help please, in the SEO process of big station, how to reduce the risk because of the to website discharge extensive influence after massive structural adjustment?

Stone: ? Yu of serve of post Xin of bursa of Nuo of Zhan of Sun gum  hey Jian of post brume of  of  of ソ of tadpole of  of eggplant of Pi > fade as kind of bag Eo of ﹕ of stool of neon of Lv of post brume Jian.

Ordinary: ? Miscellaneous show off post dirty amaranth lets Nuo bursa post You sails Lan of    comes together EO of dirty Man of witch of coil up of  of  chaste tree. What notices? Thank

Stone: ? Sail male of Song of Li of W of Yi Shu of ち of  of  of conspicuous of ɡ lament wood is sought carry lamp targets swan spring persimmon of Lie of armpit of admire of fade of fosse of boundless and indistinct of cleanse of Cong of  of Xiang horsefly サ health be able to bear or endure Liao exacting lip imprints? to such site, of site content optimizing is a foundation, most core is however instead on exterior link. Of course, I can suggest you are done, the issue that can reduce your difficulty is: On the flower store that has in you, add system of a Cms, perhaps add customer of a rich, the site that will be you provides content of a few text continuously, such likelihoods your optimize difficulty to be able to be reduced greatly. Ask then: is the first of children education industry, according to a moment ago analysed, the degree of belief of Baidu is insufficient, how to raise Baidu excuse me the degree of belief to the website

Stone: I did not say the degree of belief that is Baidu is insufficient, degree of belief this thing, google is apparent, baidu is not certain still too apparent. To Baidu, exceeding Seo behavior should avoid any likelihoods, for instance the Keyword of your home page, look in Baidu, have accumulation keyword suspicion. If you think short time very much really,promote a rank on Baidu additionally, have a good idea so, go applying for the space of Baidu. Now and then go updating these spaces, in the article that add, the site that links you suitably comes.

He Tian: Community kind website and store kind website, the point of Seo, what be respectively? Thank

Stone: Community kind the site is the most important is the fabricating that should strengthen pair of content. The user created a large number of content, but the content of creation too disperse the internal heat with sudorifics, achieve content formerly in great quantities at the same time, many also rubbish. Fabricating, can pass special subject, the means such as Tag. Store kind website, also a moment ago mentioned actually, most those who be short of is text content, be in so appropriately the place is built-in a paragraph of successive text content, increase a simple Cms or rich guest is very important. Store kind the site must not be changed with respect to the static state that remembers a site only easily, want to want, have the product page of picture and dimension to those, collect have what difference again, search engine cannot get valuable information.

Strawberry: To the website that gives priority to with functional sex, if make friend kind, how to undertake SEO

Stone: The more consideration that makes friend grows end keyword, if be Sns, so it is very easy that when searching person name, the platoon is in front very effective also. Of course everybody should notice is, actually community mix very by force the site with functional very strong sex, seo can be to perfect only

He Tian: When stone is helping commercial site undertake Seo, be how to obtain quickly high grade outside of catenary? Whether beautiful money is bought?

Stone: If be big site, do not need to seek exterior link painstakingly, of site interior page prop up, the design that links a structure is the most important. If be the small site of medium and small businesses, so the link is very important. As to buy a link, google is at present in severe blow.
Getting exterior link actually is not a very bad thing, the keyword is everybody quite active, have patience, have originality! My friend, operated to take an exam last month the Seo of kind of site, stand for this about a hundred keyword, every page sought a few links, those who use is very earthy method, the friend that makes a few part-time jobs namely calls. If want,acquire high grade link quickly at present, a shortcut adopts flexible language namely. Linking bait also is possible, but need originality. If be special Seo, right link resource accumulating is the most important!

Scoop up a needle: Same Ip issues many websites, big to SEO influence not?

Stone: The key is to should look, these Ip kind what kind of is the site? If be rubbish site more very, that is very dangerous to you. If these sites are yours, so the risk is very big, nevertheless, if you are done not have cogged, you need not be this to worry too. What want an attention exclusively is, regard every site inside the server as independent site, have link concern less with other site as far as possible.

10261606: Hello! I also do SEO, to search index props up the development that commercializes increasingly, later whether can the route of pure technology SEO go narrower more? In SEO this is made by other live on regular platform, the station that should let oneself shows itself, besides the regulation that fumbles search index is propped up ceaselessly, still have other method?

Stone: Seo more and more from the technology change becomes strategy, arrive more actually now, taller to the integrated capacity demand of Seo. To big station, do Seo, must analyse a competitor seriously, know his battalion carry pattern, the job of departmental door, project of a Seo, the staff that move is very much.
For instance I, after 6 years, what does the algorithmic change that thinks basically to search engine no longer have to affect to me. When because we are in,carrying out Seo, not be to be aimed at specific how every keyword promotes a rank, the keyword deploy that stands completely however, content is politic, solution compose is adjusted, for instance, my client, if he wants to compete the rank of a Zhou Jielun, I won’t tell him how to seek a link, how to go making keyword density, ask he can become a special subject however? Ask he can assure above all on content, the compares him about Zhou Jielun’s content competitor that his site supplies is richer, more relevant?

Operation net What how engine distinguishs to achieving content formerly to search? Some people are written achieve formerly was not collected on him BLOG, but after be being reprinted, be collected, how that puts an end to these problems?

Stone: This has idea hardly. What unless you last,hold to high quality is former achieve content, search engine to be able to find you sooner or later so, think you just are source of the first content, although such, the trustful degree of your site is impossible also more those big stations are compared.

Dust flies poplar: What do SEO cogged method and standard method distinction and mode of operation have to differ?

Stone: Those will cogged methods give change infirmly, mature user experiences, may be very good standard operation method. And if a few originally useful to searching engine method transfers the ground is used, also became cogged.

Deep and remote broad-leaved epiphyllum: To invite applications for a job kind how should site of perpendicular search engine do SEO?

Stone: Invite applications for a job kind site Seo, the problem that the first need solves is: Is our keyword over there? And you had better give specific site.

Deep and remote broad-leaved epiphyllum: For instance this site

Stone: You this site is exact saying should be search of a perpendicular to apply for a job more, actually generally speaking, searching engine is to not be willing to index another search cites willing result. Do not like to search medium search namely, so you this site thinks from the search engine obtains discharge, itself risk coefficient also is taller. Be aimed at your current condition, I have only at 2 o’clock opinion: It is, your site a little a bit hammer, should fall fire. The means that the keyword appears is factitious, the interface needs to be done a bit weller the 2nd, will search a result namely / Index.php? Query=%CE%C4%D4%B1city=%CC%EC%BD%F2 static state is changed, appear with the means of Tag, / Tage/ English teacher / . Perpendicular search does Seo, the problem that face is, how to come out the content that these are search results originally with looking like the means of normal page content to appear

Laugh laugh unripe – careless root net: the perpendicular search that this also is an invite applications for a job stands, whether hamly are we done?

Stone: This a bit more not bad, nevertheless about this site, I suggest, how do can learning classified information site do Seo.

Marvellous gentleman of hill city bar: Is SEO of regional house property website due why to pay attention to operate with specific aim?

2 Guangzhou rent Guangzhou rental house 3 Guangzhou hire room net 4 Guangzhou city hire room information 5 Guangzhou rent the house 6 Guangzhou lease the building net of room public praise 8 Guangzhou city hires 7 Guangzhou map 9 Guangzhou the Milky way hires room net 10 Guangzhou day rents the house room 11 Guangzhou are short-term rent a house 12

Must study a keyword so above all. The 2nd, think, such every keyword, you can provide what kind of content, what kind of page goes competing rank? The 3rd, seeing what these word platoons are now in front is those pages, your page is compared with them, are those places insufficient? Go seeking a means from this train of thought.

SYMBIAN: Excuse me stone: ? Arrowy You adds Xuan serve? I have shareware of a few mobile phones, want to break money to do GOOGLE ADWORDS I should use Https:// Lect/KeywordToolExternal first this tool treats next key word trends and quantitative form, http: / / / is Keysug.php also similar tool? What distinction is there? Still have other compare good tool? The choice of ADWORDS removes well-known a few essential factor, what tricks of the trade is there? Had you served for similar company? How collect fees?

Stone: Best keyword tool is search engine itself, much attention searchs the more below engine result, this also should see specific keyword, I just can help you analyse.

Plain boiled water: Acquisition station, collect the content that come to add popular key word in caption, whether be new content to search engine?

Stone: Either. Had better not stand completely collect, the home page of the important column that stands completely at least should look at many o’clock as far as possible is to edit a hand to change increasing content, a lot of collect content site, integral weight was reduced. If want,collect additionally, learn Qihoo.

Operation net: ? Does a bitter edible plant of a surname of ┠ of suddenly of  of Jing Sha of  of Quan  post Bei call out Jia of G of excuse me waiting for  to inspect Xing to cut a bed into parts to cluck however Long ┞ ?

Stone: If collect content to be fallen to counterpoise, best method provides a few content that achieve formerly namely, of course if your site has the exterior link of high quality, OK also.

Beautiful Chen: Stone, can give everybody introduction, the advantage of strange tiger SEO?

Stone: I do not have Qihoo too attention, the sort of collection that be him only means is very advantageous to Seo. Because of him a card most the content of core is collected come over, pick took flower, but because just collected the one part of an article, and itself Qihoo has taller famous degree, its content search engine won’t take him how.