Domain name transmit can hijack PR what hijack about PR is small think

LoveBlogEarn classmate leaves a message in rich guest, can transmit of respecting domain name raise PR? Because of this domain name is transmit to, and now the PR of these two domain names is 4.

A lot of children’s footwear are interested in this problem most propbably, I searched a few methods about hijacking PR on the net, have transmit of respecting domain name among them, if be such word really, so, we can pass the PR cough up that transmit of A domain name to PR tall B domain name promotes A the domain name, also with respect to leave out the trouble that makes friendship link with others?

I feel to do not have so simple, at least must satisfy the following requirements, ability is possible PR hijacks a success. (the PR that assumes A domain name wants to hijack B domain name)

1.The transmit that A domain name must succeed arrives B domain name, input A domain name that is to say can successful jump turn to B domain name. (this is like is gibberish)

2.A domain name must be indexed prop up index by search, input A domain name inside search engine that is to say, search the result of the indication that come out, include website caption and website

The description is the index that enrolls in search engine with B domain name it is same.

3.A domain name and B domain name are analytic to same server IP address falls, tie A domain name go up to B website surely.

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