Does Yahoo site manage implement how to promote a website flow?

Recently, I managed a tool to undertake discussion in the problem that improves website performance side to cereal song site, issued datagram to accuse, one undertakes an analysis to exterior link, another undertook study to Robots.txt file.

Of course, diagnosing, index, improvement website performance side, gu Ge is not is network management in the tool exclusive. Yahoo also offers Yahoo site to manage implement (Yahoo Site Explorer, YSE) , the function that its provide and cereal song are euqally outstanding, have innovation sex euqally.

Affirm with the website the map is permitted

The majority function that we discuss here depends on the attestation of the website, this and the attestation function in tool of government of cereal song site are same, it is to pass special URL to upload a folder to the website probably, or it is through giving priority to a page code raises specific tag.

Yahoo basically holds to the agreement that XML website map feedbacks, also insist to inquire a principle automatically at the same time, the user also can build a simple text document. Make the file of Urllist.txt through, the user can list conveniently in text file all


But, consider a main factor even: Yahoo won’t get website map feedback commonly, unless the user raises a requirement. Feedback uploads in you or be text file when, you click Resubmit pushbutton to undertake affirming.

Duplicate content affirms

Yahoo site manages implement the most outstanding function is, shut a website through URL, indication tiring-room links data, the domain name that whether comes from yourself according to the link or exterior website undertake classified. But, whether do you know, you also can use Yahoo site to manage implement of the likelihood that monitor

Duplicate section?

For instance of MTV homepage " MTV helps you change one’s costume or dress car " (Pimp My Ride) , if you manage in Yahoo site implement in input URL, click pushbutton of the URL that browse, you can see right the result below, yahoo is calculated according to this URL gross 5 pages. Besides the main URL that already showed, yahoo site manages implement still listed be out of shape below:

/ Series.jhtml? Extcmp=SEO_SSP_Y

/ Series.jhtml?

/ Series.jhtml? PopThis=launchVideo (Vid=44478)

/ Series.jhtml? PopThis=launchVideo (Vid=37370)

Manage with Yahoo site implement, you undertake very hard monitoring to this, because its show every webpage according to a certain URL that you input. For instance, if you want to browse / Products/ , yahoo site manages implement can show many URL, because they are duplicated,be not only, and because it wants to show every URL in this folder,be. The need when undertaking classified through URL is patient, should learn to distinguish duplicate webpage and child the differentia of the webpage.

Of standardization and URL parameter cleared

Imagine, your webpage has many version, every version has different choice parameter. Even your website has Session ID, affect your index result. Want to take all things, your IT branch is in next Hunan won’t make clear inside 6 months. With Gu Ge’s URL cleared tool differs, the dynamic URL tool of Yahoo already simple good. Pass this tool, yahoo can search engine for years topsy-turvy, can tell you how the URL of repair trends. Gu Ge changed this kind to put old model, allow you to choose the pattern that URL shows, can use the cease before WWW already, before also need not using this, stop. But, yahoo is in song of cereal of this respect excel.

Imagine, your website is add Session IDs parameter, bring value for every URL, such as Jsessionid=rx232d945kjhu8d734fl409gtdfoijr3t4t8430s. This meeting poses a problem, because the next time when Yahoo visits this URL, session value will be different, and the content of the webpage is identical. If be in development software, but you cannot affirm a website conveniently however, avoid with exert oneself when sending search engine to them, you need Session IDs. At this moment, you enter the dynamic URL of Yahoo to test a part, input specific parameter, the choice keeps clear of from inside URL pushbutton.

It is for instance in the example of MTV, the solution is manage in Yahoo site implement Extcmp of the input in parameter name, source, with PopThis. Very fast, duplicate URL can disappear from inside index, from Remove From URLs of next the input in pulling list Action Or Parameter.

If your website must want to indicate Session ID value, yahoo also can offer a solution. You can choose to use acquiescent value button and input Yahoo in casing of Action Or Parameter. When dynamic URL part was not deleted, it can indicate same value all the time.


Suggest you cost a few time to understand the site government tool of Yahoo, no matter search the market share of engine currently, you if cannot the website that the take a moment analyses you however, this affirmation will be right your website is harmful. If you want to promote further and optimize website discharge, you also can achieve a goal, but this calls Yahoo discharge.