Does traditional website structure face a challenge?

In traditional SEO theory, the website structure with sound program should be three-layer at least, namely homepage, classification or catalog page and final content page (of course, according to website size different, intermediate page may divide administrative levels again, for simple for the purpose of, article for the moment is with three-layer structure exemple, also do not involve the topic) that waits for structure of program matrix website with combining Tag, get search engine to collect webpage and final webpage rank with utmost ground between smooth: Generally speaking, put in the link that points to 2 class page on all webpages almost, let <= of homepage of edge of PageRank successful ground>Classify page <=>Final content page means is delivered, make sure each pages get corresponding PageRank, in the meantime, have enough PageRank through assuring these 2 class pages, raise content page to be alled alone by search engine collects the speed with index conversely.

But, from main SEO goal character, of the hope should be to let content page and homepage be aimed at before searching a rank specificly to lean, as to the classification of intermediate administrative levels or catalog page, not be the object of main attention, make its rank advanced do not have too great sense, the engine of all alone that it is search that can inspect even occasionally optimizes the noise of the generation in the process. From this and a when come simple question is, is letting many PageRank flow to these 2 class pages a kind of waste? Perhaps say, if the PageRank of the homepage not by billabong of these 2 class page, deliver entirely to content page (of course, deliver the PageRank to the homepage to often also be met by content page be divided by these 2 class pages) of cup a thick soup, can you let content face have competition ability more in searching engine?

Nevertheless, in the search before engine is optimized in, anyhow, make sure the page inside the website is comprehensive the ground, apace is collected by search engine, index is the first task, accordingly, even if this one problem exists also not be the problem that SEOers can solve, perhaps say, it is the price that the cannot help doing in SEO process gives. But nowadays? Particularly right Google, collect, index webpage no matter speed or range had revolutionary breakthrough, although the view of and so on of so called Google Is Able To Update Its Index In 14 Minutes is a little exaggerative, but also showed this trend on certain level however, in fact, nowadays of great majority webpage add a page newly to be able to be indexed by Google inside very short time almost, be being collected namely is a problem no longer. But on the other hand, these webpages that are collected are delivered because of getting enough PageRank however and must enter complement to although Google already was in no longer nowadays,index compensatory result is tagged to bring about a webpage in SERP page essential unavailable the rank in anticipating, and in fact, if PageRank is done not have by billabong of 2 class page, these pages enter Google very likely advocate of index.

This means traditional website structure, perhaps say interior links means namely PageRank transfers the pattern with flow, need somehow adjust?

Note: Emphasize again, the key of article discussion depends on the final rank of the webpage, the index that is not a webpage and collect. If your website is collecting respect existence problem, the content of the article is improper absolutely you to.

Matt Cutts is answering what Randfish is like this when the problem about Nofollow to state recently:

It is quotative content below:
Theres No Stigma To Using Nofollow, even On Your Own Internal Links; For Google, nofollowed Links Are Dropped Out Of Our Link Graph; We Dont Even Use Such Links For Discovery.

What Randfish gives out is right of this paragraph of word unscramble one of it is:

It is quotative content below: Webmasters Can Feel Free To Use Nofollow Internally To Help Tell Googlebot Which Pages They Want To Receive Link Juice From Other Pages

Of course, look from simple angle, what perhaps Matt Cutts wants to convey truly is, not big to searching user meaning to the part in the website webpage is opposite only the search for example almost every page inside the website puts in its to link about us, contact webpage of our and so on, perhaps wasting PageRank on their body is a well-advised choice, but, if go down according to development of this train of thought, can discover a lot of interesting problems, particularly right the 2 class page of three-layer website structure, is letting its get exorbitant PageRank also can say a kind of meaningless waste? E.g. , do not let PageRank be between 2 class page (the across of catalog page is linked) meaningless loss, and compulsive is the PageRank of 2 class page delivered entirely to 3 class page can any better? The PageRank that lets 3 class page for example again delivers all classified pages no longer can the effect is better, are homepage and relevant content page more competitive? Etc.

Of course, this also is not to say 2 class page should not get PageRank absolutely, say however, its avoid to gobble up below the premise that makes sure its get enough PageRank create waste too much, and in traditional webpage framework almost the way that every page inside the website wants to be 2 class net to contribute PageRank needs it seems that somehow change.

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