Does SEO key word rank VS user to experience who is more important?

Does SEO key word rank VS user to experience who is more important? After the article is written at way station correcting, by feel and send.

Discuss the action that key word ranks first, a good key word is ranked, for instance such-and-such key word is ranked the first, can let a client all alone through search engine sees his station the first times, bring a client to perhaps say to bring discharge for the website, tell further can bring a client to the enterprise, reach order.

What is user experience, a bit commonner namely this website is useful to the client, it is that website that the client needs to search, the client is OK from above get the information that he wants to search, buy his satisfactory product to wait a moment.

What appearance is the current situation?

Discovering a lot of SEOer do a website to optimize now recently is to take a program to do a website normally, revise pattern plate simply, become what key word no matter, put through the appearance of an information website, go in order to facilitate key word layout, website content is waited a moment newlier, oneself have second search a key word saw a few websites, remembering having a website is such, the first feeling is bad, and searched a long time to did not find way of a connection, it is some of information of what, did not look twice to close so.

Does SEO key word rank VS user to experience who is more important?

The good user experience below the circumstance before oneself think to lean quite in key word rank is attached most importance to especially should. Everybody has had such experience, look for a thing to go Baidu search, search a software for instance, look one by one next, need to see ability of result of a lot of searches find a satisfaction sometimes, what when having bad luck, perhaps download is a virus, such station, can the user still go next time?

How we should be done?

Above all what the page of the website should install is beautiful and concise benefit at optimizing, make great efforts more on caption and description next, because search a result to be able to show these information, follow the product that outstanding website wants when the website is designed, or the theme of the website, navigation design wants reasonable and convenient, brief introduction should compare connection fashion company of what to be found easily, the heaviest finally is to want to provide useful content to the client. (Heibei SEO website is optimized)