Does search engine technology uncover close: ? Sentence Gong border?

Sweep across Internet as eyeball economy, by tens of thousands capital flows to the search engine market that can attract ball of the have sth in mind that browse most quickly. A large number of investigation show search engine market to developing period at high speed, became in the near future inside one of industries that have development latent capacity most. The search engine that waits for each characteristic as search of Google, Baidu, China makes the network tool with the most commonly used people gradually, the enterprise is assault to searching the attention of engine to also upgrade from observation.

As the ceaseless increase sharply of market size and number of the person that use, the more fair, open, standard that how perfects search function to make and human nature change the topic that also became an equipment to get attention subsequently. But an incompatible system shows ceaselessly among them in this: It is OK to collect fees bring profit to search engine company, but the experience satisfaction of the person that can reduce a visit at the same time is spent. How Where is the balance between balance money and user demand?

What Google succeeds is secret

Till 2004, google has been judged two years to be the whole world continuously the first brand, google holds water only lustrum, it is the research project of student of two Stanford college only at first. This has to say is a miracle, resemble Bill? Gates contrives the miracle is same. Than Er? Gates can create a miracle, because he was certain,be of PC software market trend, the company that establishs so calls Microsoft (Microsoft) : Micro (small) Soft (software) . So Where is Google? There had been a few very successful search engine companies before Google comes out, force is very actually powerful also, is looking the secret that Google saw the trend.Google of the search succeeds after all not merely where be?

The success of Google has a lot of factors, the most important is Google search engine to be close friends than other to searching the sort of the result the person that.Google assures to let the majority use a search, the first page that can searching a result finds the result that he wants. The client got satisfaction, still come over the next time, and can introduce to someone else, this is gone to, use person is much. So Google was not doing any advertising premise, let oneself became the brand.Google with the greatest whole world to technology of which kinds of sort use after all? PageRank, namely webpage level.

Google has an author to call Larry Page, allegedly he files the patent of PageRank, had Page Rank according to his name then. Home also has a very successful search index to prop up a company, call Baidu. The author of Baidu plum Yan Hong says, be in early the patent that he filed a name to be analysed to exceed cable length 1996, the principle of PageRank and the principle of analysis exceeding cable length are same, and PageRank still is in at present Paten-pending (in patent application) . The meaning below character is the problem that patent droit exists inside this. Here does not discuss patent fee, just can see from which, search the sort technology of engine successfully, with respect to its the principle comes up say about the same, that links an analysis namely. Analysis exceeding cable length and PageRank attribute link analysis.

Is the link analysed after all why content? As a result of plum analysis of Yan Hong exceeding cable length does not have specific introduction, what the author has looked exclusively is to be on website of American Patent Office about plum the introduction of patent introduction.PageRank of Yan Hong is not little, and at present Google is the search engine with the greatest whole world after all, here is a delegate with PageRank, detailed introduction links analytic principle.

PageRank is uncovered close

The principle of PageRank is similar to the adduction in paper of science and technology mechanism: Whose paper is cited the time is much, who is authoritative. Say more colloquialism a bit: Zhang San mentioned Zhang Manyu in the talk, li Si also mentions Zhang Manyu in the talk, wang Wu still mentions Zhang Manyu in the talk, this explains Zhang Manyu is well known person certainly. On Internet, the link is equivalent to citing, a was linked in B webpage, was equivalent to B mentioning A when the talk, if be in C, D, E, F,linked A, so it is the most important to explain A webpage is, the PageRank value of A webpage is highest also.

How to calculate PageRank value has a simple formula:

Among them: Coefficient is more than for 0, be less than the number of 1. General setting is 0.85. Webpage 1, webpage the 2 webpages that state to webpage N all links point to A.

Can see by above formula at 3 o’clock:

1, the webpage that the link points to A is more, the level of A is higher. Namely the level of A and the webpage that point to A number becomes direct ratio, express in formula, n is bigger, the level of A jumps over tall;

2, the webpage that the link points to A, its webpage level is higher, the level of A is higher also. Namely the level of A and the webpage level that point to him webpage of A become direct ratio, express in formula, webpage N level is higher, the level of A also jumps over tall;

3, the webpage that the link points to A, a number that its catenary gives is more, the level of A is lower. Namely the level of A and the webpage catenary that point to him webpage of A give a number to become inverse ratio, actual in formula, webpage N catenary gives a number more, the level of A is lower.

Every webpage has value of a PageRank, form a giant equation group so, seek solution to this equation group, can get the PageRank of every webpage is worth. There is about a hundred on Internet 100 million webpages, so this equation group has about a hundred 100 million unknown, although this equation is to have solution, but calculation is too complex after all, impossible this all pages put those who go seeking solution together. The friend that to specific computation the method has fun at can consult a few numerical value are calculated the book of the respect.

Anyhow, what the giant link that PageRank used Internet place effectively to have constructs is characteristic. From the link of B of webpage A oriented webpage, the word that uses Google author is told, it is page A voting to the support of page B, google judges the value of the page according to this voting number, but Google besides see voting number (the link is counted) beyond, right the person that poll (the page of the link) also undertake an analysis. " importance " the opinion of the bill that tall page place sends will be higher, because accept this voting page,can be by understanding " fundamental goods " . Have the word of 3 links of my webpage from the home page of sina, Yahoo, Microsoft, the likelihood seeks 30 links in other website than me strong still. If return somebody not to understand this principle, go wanting to an idiom cries: 3 people become a tiger. If 3 people say to there is a tiger on Beijing ave, so a lot of people can think to have a tiger, if these 3 people are national leader, so everybody can think there is a tiger on Beijing ave.

Every webpage can have PageRank value, how much is if everybody wants to know his,the webpage PageRank value of the website, the simplest way downloads the free tool column of a Google namely

Every time you open a webpage, OK the very fair PageRank value that sees this webpage. Of course this value is word of a large approximate number.

Introduce according to Google technology chief, google besides the important rate that measures a webpage with PageRank, still have other about a hundred kinds of element will participate in sort. Other search engine also is such, plant impossibly according to some the sort that regulation will come to undertake searching a result.