Does search engine rank on any account to concern SEO skill

The most welcome website on the earth is and The browser home page of most person is installed to be engine of a search, from most net bug people experience can know, whole network can all alone from search engine begins, accordingly you should understand search to all alone how engine works.

You have rich SEO politic course to be able to learn, you can find search engine to optimize relevant content in on Web a lot of places, but I will share a more main big strategy courses to everybody here: SEO 2.0

Search engine ranks on any account and SEO to have nothing to do, you perhaps feel such topic is eyewash really, how likely? are those SEO experts on the net idiocy? Do not want please anxious, I can tell you why I so say. If you can read the article patiently, I believe you also can agree with my viewpoint.

Premise 1: The link is the only method of Web navigation

This view is none exaggerative, you also are agreed with certainly, right?

Want, if you are doing not have any links on reading webpage – also do not have a person to come quickly in the clamour in TV ad / Marketing/seo-20.html friend, all things want only here 998! . You cannot arrive at any other webpages from here, also include the other webpage of my rich guest of course.

People often thinks the main unit that forms Web should be Web site, this is a misunderstanding apparently. Internet is not formed by the website, it should be comprised by the webpage! The thing that ponders over us receives different webpage repeatedly, the different webpage below same domain name arrived to just form our website together through combining organic link, the webpage is true, the website is visional. The reason no more than that falls visional website to real point is, it alls alone to the mankind and search engine at the same time applicable, but entering the mouth the homepage as discharge had been an antiquated idea.

This means the result page that searchs engine is a few webpages only to collect, every just lets you webpage that you need to do has enough appeal, let more webpages link your webpage, want to know, 10000 webpages link the webpage to you and the webpage link that there are you in only Ggoogle searchs a result (although it arranges the first in Google) between have differ how oldly? ! My choice is former of course, although Google did not collect my website to also be indifferent to! But reality is, had done former latter to be able to have good performance naturally. This let me think of Liu Dehua is in the film " money of New Year of cluck of Li cluck Li " a medium word: The brand has been tasted, character nature is good! , change such it is OK to come in SEO 2.0 saying: Content is good, rank nature is tall! , how saying to saying couplet to come out, flat add an a horizontal scroll bearing an inscription again: Arrange its nature!

SEO 2.0 ana: Forget SEO, neglect a link, everything concerns the content of please reader only!

Premise 2: Every link is a public praise is recommended

World-Wide-Web is a huge public praise machine! People will to your website carry two kinds of kind only possibly: One kind is you let others recommend you to money / your website (advertisement) ; Or you are recommended by nature (because you are worth,be recommended) . No matter which kind of means, they are behaved link for just.

The webpage that each link is a concentration is recommended, page of search engine result (SERPs) medium link is only among them one of.

The high rank in Google result page just expresses Google to be recommended to yours, google≠Web

The search user inquiry that you do not need why to want to be them to understand Google recommends the most relevant search result, and become expert of a SEO. What you need to do is understanding only it is what person searching what kind of theme (Google Keyword Tool can help you discover) , find a method to give them needs thing next, solve their difficult problem.

Google uses group the search algorithm of human judgment will replace pair of search results think to operate, because this searchs the public praise that remains according to legend of a buccal ear as a result to recommend, so, this is not you can game at among them system mechanism.

4 crucial strategies:

A, public praise is the exclusive and important thing on Web net

The trend of B, webpage public praise that searchs engine to suffer you is affected, mirror in searching a result. Forget SEO, begin to ponder over WOMO (Word-of-Mouth Optimization) .

C, right of the search optimize what can rely on pair of people only will finish. Not clear? Because this webpage is worth to be paid close attention to,your page has a good rank in searching a result is. Although you pass best search to all alone engine optimizes a method to optimize your webpage today, the caption that the keyword overlaps, the pile of the keyword also is in the article, be full of reduplicative to be linked same the keyword link of a page, for the moment does not say to whether can promote your webpage the rank so, at least the readability that this affected an article already completely, obliterate user experience, the article that the reader has not read you even with respect to forever departure your website.

Google is newest rolled out Google WikiSearch function, the user can search the website rank in the result from the definition, that is to say although you can optimize the webpage to the search result of Google the first, the user still can cast your blackball. Conversely, if be aimed at a person to optimize, although your webpage is arranged,be from the back, you still have an opportunity to obtain an ay. Although WikiSearch is at present temporary not big to the influence of SEO, who knows Google will poll the user tomorrow serve as the level that measures webpage quality? ? ?

D, consideration and those you can pilot page synergism, no matter these pages are the website of the website in yourself or others. For instance, the Profile page of every gregarious media is worth you to pay close attention to namely. To search rank, this also is very important.