Does Google government explain: ? It is so important that value of  Jin R is done not have really

Operation of a lot of websites person the webpage level PR that pays close attention to their website very much is worth (Google PageRank) value size, some optimizes website PR value and search engine the effect to delimit directly even good number. Actually this is the misunderstanding that is worth to website PR. According to the explanation of Google government: It is so important that website PR value is done not have really.

Matt Cutts is the engineer of Google, rank algorithm to understand deeply to Google. Matt Cutts is in the opinion on public affairs that optimizes a respect to searching engine often by Google government is inspected to explain inside course of study. When Matt Cutts was accepting sale expert Mike Grehan to interview recently, did with respect to the meaning of PageRank make known his position publicly: In the algorithm that has sort to the website in Google, pageRank is not exclusive and main factor.

Matt Cutts says, the webpage of Google ranks regulation to be decided by 100 many elements, pageRank is only among them one of, it is a main factor, but not be prime factor absolutely. To every website, truly important is the element that how finds out those websites that affect you to rank.

About the value that website PR is worth, is the target that Ying Jianceng of Feng of network sale expert optimizes via searching engine the PR cost that raises a website? One article speaks of: The target that the PR that raises a website the value regards search engine as to optimize is the misunderstanding that optimizes to searching engine, because although pass search to all alone engine is optimized,raised PR to be worth, but this index is not represented when can bringing real value to search engine sale target in what make his for website promotion, not was necessary too the discretion that cares about value of him website PR, do not have the target that is necessary to will raise PR value to optimize politic pursuit as search engine more.

In the search result webpage ranks a side, in other factor (wait like dependency of content of website structure, website) below same situation, before meeting rank relies on the website nature with PR high cost, but often the quality cent that other factor has yielded different webpage gave fluctuation on any account. Accordingly, not was necessary to be PR is worth on any account and too worry about, the design of main essential factor that wants a website only is reasonable and the content that has high quality, the search that although PR is worth,can have obtained not high likewise ranks the effect.

So, if the website optimizes a design not to care PR value, what should the website care? Actually, including what any search engine place pay close attention to Google and other is: Whether does the website provide good webpage content, whether to have come from other the link of high grade website is recommended. Sale of network of new competition ability manages advisory viewpoint: Website PR value is level of major of a website and the nature that its get attention degree on any account are reflected, should not become the target that the website seeks.