Does entry classification catalog still have the effect?

All search index prop up one of rank factors with treat the link as the mainest. Simplify say, the link of the website that points to you is more, the quality of these links is higher, the rank of your website can be jumped over tall (still have a lot of other factors of course, discuss deep again after us) .

How can you just get the link of high quality so? Generally speaking, logging onto a website to classify catalog is among them a very important method.

But come nearly 9 years, a lot of opinions think, classified catalog entry effect and effect are less and less, after having Google Adsense especially, a lot of stationmaster built the classified list of a lot of holidays, from other among big classified list or result of other search engine automatic capture website, make classified list automatically. These catalogs check each website actually without the editor, sole purpose is to put Google Adsense, in order to earn advertisement fee.

These website amounts that make for Google Adsense are very huge. Evidence shows, google and other search engine been beginninging to think method copes with the classified catalog of these holidays. Implicative result is, certain come by the person really the importance of editorial classification catalog is affected possibly also.

Another causes the element with classified catalog less and less effect likely is, only very few catalog can become authoritative catalog website. Major small-sized catalog, itself PR cost is not high.

But from another angle for, entry classification catalog looks in me, can have its effect forever, and occasionally the effect is very apparent.

Whether do you notice, google is among his website administrator guideline, mentioned Yahoo to classify catalog and open classification catalog designedly. This also means Google to think, these two list pass by editor examine and verify truly, the catalog of high quality. Come from the is trusted link at this kind of website that is trusted, it is a website likely very from sandbox (Sandbox) in the main factor that come out, also be very big to ranking effect effect factor.

Here is very important is, edit by true person. Although Yahoo is the competitor of Google, but undeniable, software algorithm cannot edit photograph comparing with true person forever. True person can see website quality how, have authority. Very natural conclusion is: Any search engine ignore the classified list that has compiled by true person place unlikelily.

Classify catalog and open classification catalog besides Yahoo these two large outside sufferring valued to classify catalog, you also can look for sex of a few industries, regional perhaps classification catalog. If these classified catalog are,come by the editor one by one examines a website, so the quality of this catalog assures somewhat, be considered as what can trust very likely also by search engine.

Say to log onto your website to high quality to classify so go among catalog, can have its value forever.