Do we understand Google PageRank its what?

Have a month again, arrived again the day that Google PageRank dances. PageRank was to become a lot of websites (include rich settle or live in a strange place) the objective that pursue. However, what is PageRank after all? SMASHING is written civil, had detailed introduction to PageRank.

Main content includes this language: What is PageRank? How does PageRank work? What element can affect PageRank? What element does not affect PageRank? Ranking element (with PageRank relevant) ? Google PageRank: Theory and scientific setting; Google PageRank tool and service; The part such as Google tool and service.

its body introduction gives authority here.

How does PageRank work?

1, PaneRank is Google is used only it is important to measure a webpage one of numerous methods.

2, Google explanation says, the webpage A link to webpage B is one piece polls, cast B by A. Google sees voting way not just, what it returns an analysis to poll is other 100 many respects. However, in computational PageRank when, these respects did not consider.

3, PageRank isBe based on inside couplet link. But the measure that does not consider them only, dependency and quality are very important.

4, PR(A) = (1-d) + D(PR(t1)/C(t1) + + PR(tn)/C(tn)) . This is computation the equation of PageRank of a webpage.

5, when computational PR, Be not all links weight is identical.

6, if you have PR of a webpage,be 8, there is a link above, will be gotten by link site pretty good PR is worth so. If there are 100 links above you,do not pass, so every independent link can get a bit value only.

7, bad inside couplet link does not affect PageRank.

8, Ranking PopularityConsider website age, the dependency of retrorse link and the duration that link reversely. PageRank is taken no account of.

9, content is not the consideration element when computational PageRank.

10, PageRank does not regard the website as a whole, it is every webpage to be calculated alone independently.

11, Every show the link that answer is important. Besides won’t be calculated inside by the website of screen.

12, PageRank value is not from 0 count to a few 10. PageRank is a float check the number.

13, very difficult computation gives the value of every PageRank. We are detailed PageRank used logarithm algorithm.

14, Google is worth in computational PR forever, but we are onlyA few months see newer() of Google tool column.

Affect the factor of Google PageRank

1, frequent content won’t improve PageRank automatically newlier. Content is not PR place consideration.

2, Tall PageRank does not mean tall search to rank.

3, DMOZ and Yahoo! List cannot increase PageRank automatically.

4, .edu corn cannot increase PageRank automatically.

5, child the domain name is not compared certainly advocate the PR of the domain name is low.

6, Wikipedia(Vicki 100 divisions) link cannot automatic more PageRank.

7, the link of Nofollow attribute cannotIncrease Google PageRank.

8, significant in-house link affects PageRank.

9, the relevant link impact of tall PR is bigger. Nevertheless, if the page of a tall PR has too much link, its effect is very then small, because dispersed.

10, come from and arrive related high quality the link of the site is influential to PageRank.

11, a webpage to same of a webpage poll for many times be equal to poll at.

Above comes from: Google PageRank: What Do We Know About It?

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