Do the SEO of good WordPress simply with respect to 10 respects

Core clew: WordPress itself is a very friendly to searching engine Blog platform, and WordPress also suits SEO very much, below for say to make your WordPress Blog more SE is friendly 10 aspects that change.

SEO searchs engine to optimize namely, the purpose is to make your Blog searchs the rank in the result to get rising in what search engine, let search engine to bring more discharge to your Blog thereby.

1. makes Sitemap

Refer website map Sitemap to Google through tool of Google website manager, can make the content of the website is collected completely, include those concealing to compare deep page. This is the good way of a kind of website and search engine dialog.

I used a plug-in unit that is called Google XML Sitemaps. Use method of this plug-in unit is very simple. Download hind uploads plug-in unit folder namely, activation to tiring-room next, arrive again Setting = " XML-Sitemap page undertakes installing. Go then the Sitemap that Google Webmaster Tools refers you. If you had not had an account in Google Webmaster Tools, you need to register, meeting clew hows do you do over there.

2. installs Robots.txt

From the angle of SEO, robots.txt file must be set, because,this is: It is OK to use Robots.txt document screen drops secondary, URL rescripts the link before optimizing, and screen a few pages that do not have a keyword, the Search.html of page of this search result that stands originally for instance, best screen is dropped.

Robots.txt file must be put in the root catalog of the website, can pass / Robots.txt can be visited successfully, the placement that shows this station is correct. If Robots.txt file is put in subdirectory, so search engine cannot climb take, also won’t have any effect.

My Robots.txt is such settings:

User-agent: * (the Blog that shows me is made public to all search engine)

Disallow: / Search.html (demonstrative Search.html this page prohibits searching engine capture)

Disallow: / Index.php? (is the specification similar such page / ? S=SEO prohibits searching engine capture)

Sitemap:/sitemap.xml (address of my website map Sitemap)

3. changes permanent link

Detailed sees another my article: Optimize WP to secure a link to reach 301 heavy directional.

4. is adjusted on the right side of column

Although this is not SEO, but clear and concise on the right side of column conduces to improvement user experience. the user the most commonly used the column that arrive is put in front, if Pages, Categories reachs Recent Comments; The column that won’t click a few users is put from the back, be like Archives, Link, Meta.

Not tire of of a lot of friends its are irritated theme of style of ground do sth over and over again, blog content however absolutely empty. Search engine won’t identify your style, but in the article content that can focus attention in you. Accordingly, we must be made to article caption and content optimize appropriately.

5. optimizes Title (page headline) , caption

Page headline respect, do not show Blog name in front of of article caption, because be in search result, meeting Gao Liang shows page headline, put Blog name in front, because length passes to grow and be concealed,can bring about, the person that go against a visit at the same time is in the caption that pays close attention to article itself for a short while. Solve this problem, need the Header.php in your Blog only " Title " between use the following code to replace former code:

Blog name can be contained in page headline, but length does not exceed 32 Chinese word, the keyword had better emphasize for many times in article content. To every article, good caption should concise and comprehensive, generalize the inattentivegeneral idea that gives an implied meaning with least character. Those very hazy caption do not accord with SEO principle.

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