Do SEO whats can we do

SEO is known first this word is to be in 7 years in March, before this I am returned is stationmaster of an amateurish careless root. With present a few friends, also be a person that is anxious for discharge all the day. What do at that time especially is a few monopolistic nets, regard a sale as the site, we cannot be searched in that way like portal site and communication site engine collects caption and article interior key word in great quantities, the day is more so sad. In March 2007, when I know this SEO is what thing, just begin true in throwing oneself completely study, go. I interact to stay in dot stone is nearly one year, also learn bit of knowledge to abound his desperately in other site. But everybody knows, SEO, no matter how you learn, you learn 20% provinces only possibly to fall 80% rely on oneself to fumble completely. Today this is mixed in the article of everybody communication, no matter look on my book, look on the net, still oneself fumble, peripheral, still ask everybody not to hit me. State above all, the article is here medium, I make the sample with enterprise SEO.

1, SEO changes oddly not simply it is a caption, OK to change a description

Actually, alleged SEO technology optimizes no more than is through increasing an article to be achieved formerly weight, exterior link is led and occurrence rate comes to in-house key word the rank circumstance that promotion site is searching engine and collect a circumstance. Doing optimize, want cogent foundation your site content, come to those who do you optimize according to your content. Must not incongruous, it is a QQ station obviously, made an army news optimize. No matter whether be ranked such optimizing before leaning, do not come with your belt cogent netizen. Above all, no matter be your caption, content, description, as far as possible the key word that stands by you to want to optimize. Have 2 effects so, the first, the key word that can add you appears frequency, the 2nd, won’t be abandoned by search engine easily.

2, collect an article to want discreet

If you are a slug, think the article inside the station that adds you does not think he starts work personally again already. So you choose probably to collect above all. Here I offer a piece of advice friends, must not in the intact station that sends collection essay you. The reason is very simple, many repeatability article, achieving a gender formerly can be abandoned by search engine. So, I had mentioned weight in the a bitth li this thing. Alleged weight, ah, press me the explanation of this dish bird is copyright and degree of belief. Copyright need not say, achieve formerly namely, this thing can reflect degree of belief more in outer catenary. I had done a test, take a way station to define all key word BB eye, next group hair a few outside catenary, link all BB eyes this station, next group deliver this news.

Same article, before the rank of this station can lean. (state ha, what I do is not BB eye, it is citing only) . Why, I think at that time, if, many sites link your station through a certain key word, or many stations name a person for a particular job is same an article link station to you, so what search engine can think you are this station is former achieve, think at the same time, you have explanatory power to this article, namely so called expert counterpoises. Perhaps my understanding is wrong. But factual proof, if 1000 articles pass eye or other and specific key word, the key word of a key that perhaps appears for many times in this article, receive your site through catenary next, before when your site is searching this key word, can leaning.

Do not know friends know now why in the station that I should emphasize sending the article intactly you. Here I should thank bit of stone to interact to made case with corn of CN of a few way station. A station and B station are same site, key word, optimize, descriptive just the same. Use likewise collect a program to undertake 2 stations are released respectively. But station of the A when be being released is intact, b station changes article title when release, key word instead grows end key word, word of a few keys is replaced for close meaning word. The Baidu after 2 weeks collects A station and B station. Station of the A after 3 weeks collects 45 pages, b station collects 40 pages. Station of the A after 4 weeks is depilated gradually, b station begins promotion. Arrive all the time finally, a station is dropped by complete K, b station is sent come here the position before key word leans.