Do SEO what is the most crucial?

The friend that a lot of just contact SEO cares how to had done SEO quite, do SEO what is the most crucial? Why my a certain key word always is not done, and of others can you do? Taking these misgive and anxious, a lot of friends are met risk danger in desperation, use link field method for instance, these ways cannot be taken! SEO is not an imagination actually in so complex, but the existence that we also cannot look down upon it, those who search engine pursuit is to agree with at all search habit of the person, deprecatory everybody blindly pursuit is not normal step some kind, do SEO to want to make the website suits to search engine namely in other words, suit the search psychology of people; Cogged succeed impossibly forever!

I just contact SEO to do not have how long actually, 3 many weeks, but the website that I do has been discharged in the rank of Baidu now was in the 12nd (1-10 is those who make promotion) , I speak out my experience to share with everybody:

The interior that should do good website above all is optimized, this interior optimizes include: Title caption, meta label, and text content, still have in-house link, still have the Alt property of the picture, the Title attribute of super link, use Flash less as far as possible, picture, searching what engine identifies at present still is text only, had better make map of a piece of website, link more serious content rise, these considered I want to estimate to a novice about the same also;

Want the time of exterior link fluctuation in the website next, but exterior link cannot be gone after one-sidedly, this bit is more important, if carelessly if, be alled alone by search engine is dropped to K very likely, the means that becomes exterior link has a lot of, everybody can see 101 methods that add retrorse link (click download) , of the link be spent extensively and popularity is spent is more important, write more write achieve an article formerly.

Ask friends not to want again too care about Alexa rank, this rank is very false now;

Remind friends finally, of the newer need time that searchs engine, cannot too urgent, ah, the rank of Nanjing talent net is being made below me, time is too close first here, have time everybody communicates communication more!