Do search engine to optimize for video!

As content of the video on the net increasingly popular, business of sale of engine of a few searches people this one trend is opposite follow closely video content undertakes optimizing, the performance in so that be in,searching engine is better.

Video search is optimized basically is direct sale business people it how be made is better to how be made agree with the video content that searchs engine.

Video searchs relative to character or a newer market. Business of search engine sale should want to make a plan first before content of the video that make, they should want the fair value that realizes yuan of information, very possible of course a lot of people did not realize this. The strategy that optimizes because of this video depends on considering to be clear that do poorly done work over again is good after comparing before make.

Video searchs engine to search engine to hold out likeness with common content actually. If you want to obtain good effect to be about to avoid to make mistake of a few detail, want to know to refer your content where, in the light of each search engine you need to prepare what message. Searching engine is each are not identical, if you understand them to go severally regular word, so before your rank can lean. And these regular metropolises are changed all the time. The sale person of an acumen always can pay close attention to these regular change to make response accordingly next.

To us, video content still compares new field, the person that accordingly we must face a such facts to seldom be counted namely then can be searched to video undertake optimizing, but you should handle the following basic regulation only, before your rank can lean than others a lot of.

3 the most important:

1 accurate the documentation that names you, the keyword is contained in file name, for example is about to compare more optimize;

The 2 content that optimize the webpage that releases your video;

3 refer refer refer again;

The itself that searchs engine is exceedingly fair, if you have good content they special reception.

The action of video website map

Besides above a few main video search engine optimize technical strategy besides, what we notice even is to want to optimize the keyword related to content not only, optimize the keyword with those and general and relevant video even for example, it is relatively a bit easier that the rank that video of news video, Ipod video, professional fixed position is travel video even also is met. Now is moment founds a name and the field with those same ranks that open earlier relatively. The time that the expert casts those inchoate entrant to will be cost one year will have a rank to current video term, of course this still depends on the range that entrant enters this field and speed.

Besides optimize when video content, expert proposal still ought to undertake optimizing to video website map, the map of the website can refer video to search engine and content search engine, the abundance that can show your video content so attracts a search to bring at the same time prop up patronage for many times your website.

The person that video searchs engine to optimize people can use the following 5 basic optimizing the technology is politic:

The 1 video theme label that adds a keyword to abound and key word

2 do not forget to fluctuate in join anchorage text time;

The capture that the keyword puts to be able to attract search spider hand so on the 3 content abstract in video and brand effect is formed in video search user;

4 found map of website of a video, join number is in 1000 the following;

Although these strategy apply to nature to search a result mostly, but the expert suggests to ascend engine of search paying fee still is very be necessary. This is a fast and effective method in popularizing your video organization Internet.

Engine of search paying fee to those news orgnaizations especially effective, because news time susceptibility is very tall, a serious news content is in 2472 must want to be inquired by the user in the hour. The use that has politic sex pays cost to search engine to be able to let you become video to search medium pioneer. As the ceaseless dilate of this market, the keyword contest price that to commonly used search index props up still is not too expensive.

Video searchs engine: Grow and protect the key of content

The future that video search engine searchs a light. According to the search of GOOGLE keyword the result can see, the frequency that more and more people inquire to the frequency of video compares inquiry news, love and religion wants tall.

More and more video appear in normally in searching a result, we also know what this means. More and more people begin to undertake engine was optimized searching, rank of more accurate to video content page of search engine result is very important.

Video is a main content drive tool. A good video can become effective the tool that from range and deepness two administrative levelses popularize information, product, brand. We will see a few classic example: Environmental protection learned a Chevy to use video strategy, became the nova of Internet through YouTube.

And optimizing nature otherly to search result strategy is same, those want to optimize promotion brand acknowledge to spend through video, increase discharge and the sale business that increase income for, must want to cost a few time to add a few absorbing elements between their content.

Here has a few strategy: Have fill water to your content: This can resemble virus sale spreading everywhere to whole Internet euqally quickly, subsequently your brand and website are met rapid humanness place is hep. A few brief join joining to resemble below your video is: Recommend the your friend, phrase that visits this website or other substantivity. But those who do not have necessary lane is very complex.

For managing your time, the expert had listed a few main search engine list are Yahoo video respectively,, AOL video, google video And (what belong to AOL) .

So is the mode that video collects fees how? Inchoate the promulgator that enters video airspace is released freely, as the grow in quantity that uploads video freely, to edition of pilfer of illicit some content, search the algorithmic research of engine to video, through uploading the video content of high quality, the person that video content is offerred can more effective addition at the same time humanness place tells market share. One optimizes good video to rely on to browse the video that the number will come collect fees than those from in the long run more valuable.

As quality of online video content rise ceaselessly, more and more users begin to pay cost to buy content. According to the development of this trend, those are inchoate the dominant place that enters the person that video searchs the practice of engine to will be in this industry.

Summary: Of video search engine a few optimize strategy greatly

The 1 content that optimizes META data: The title of video and descriptive sex statement are the key that searchs engine spider capture;

So that download goes to the lavatory to travel with virus sex,the 2 video that are you add text version, do not forget the revolution of IPOD type;

3 add popular content and news material;

4 watermark

The 5 video in you add content on search engine;

The program of built-in and automatic refresh in the 6 video in you will update content automatically, search engine welcomes the content that often updates, although dependency is very important also;

Result of 7 investigation, test, research, consider why to can obtain good rank, undertake duplicating next.

The 8 keywords that rely on you to like most detect tool, they are spent to video attention very effective, what can put forward effective relevant keyword is politic.

Content of engine of 9 pairs of searches and video undertake optimizing, the user that uses those already mature keywords to acquire aperture market searchs engine term with more video;

10 use RSS and automatic feedback system;