Do not offend angry not carefully search engine SEO is cogged dispel misgivings

Bomb of 1. domain name

Domain name bomb, english says: Domain Spam

SEO novice often can think, register N domain name, connect to advocate station, can increase so advocate the PR of the station. If this N the website that the domain name has him to become independent, do not have a thing. But if N the domain name is pointed to advocate the content of the station, perhaps have a few only a few pages, even reduplicative page, such meetings are considered as cogged behavior of a kind of SEO. To behavior of domain name bomb, the manner that searchs engine is: these child the station is deleted, the clue is serious person, advocate the station also can get penalty.

2. keyword overlay

Keyword overlay, english: Keyword Stacking points to to increase keyword density, repeat the act of the keyword in great quantities on the webpage.

Keyword overlay is SEO abecedarian most the mistake that often makes, they are in commonly the ALT- of caption label, description label, keyword label, picture is replaced repeat in attribute put a large number of keywords. Sometimes, they put on a few keywords in part of webpage page leg.

Keyword overlay is a kind of typical SEO cogged behavior, the algorithm that searchs engine to judge this kind of cogged behavior should have matured, so, once keyword overlay phenomenon appears on the webpage, general and whole website can be sealed by search engine. A lot of websites are not alled alone by search engine is collected, also often be this reason.

Can be 3. Bo Kequn hair dropped by K

Bo Kequn is sent, also call rich guest pollution, rich guest leaves a message group of hair.

Particular way is probably: In rich guest website leave a message board on the link that keeping a large number of him websites, be enlightened crosses this means to increase him website to guide link. A lot of people use group of hair software to do Bo Kequn hair, website to leave a message group of hair. The algorithm with search engine to had had very mature identifies this kind of SEO cogged behavior, once be come out by detective, the website can be fallen to counterpoise by search engine, delete even.

True on rich guest leave a message and stay have a link, won’t be punished, contrary, this means still can give him to increase a bit profit really. This also is guests of a large number of famous SEO rich leave a message a particularly much main reason.

4. obscures text and link

Obscure text and link: Use hidden method to place a lot of text and link on the webpage, the person that browse cannot see it is OK to conceal text and search engine climb take, cheat search index to prop up the judgement of pair of webpage keywords thereby. These methods include:

The color setting text and link and setting are same

text accumulation is after the picture

Use CSS conceals text, be like: Font size setting is 0

Obscure a link through CSS, be like: Of the link it is like element 1

Obscure the link in small character accord with, be like: Comma

The SEO cogged method that conceals text and link is different from Cloaking- camouflage and keyword overlay, but the site that brings about you likewise possibly is sealed by search engine, want to notice to avoid so.

If your site because this wrong and was deleted by search engine, clear after obscuring text and link, refer network address to search engine afresh, it is OK to spend paragraph of time recover collect and rank. To Google, you can use tool of Goole website manager to obtain a help through registering.