Do not know SEO to never mind: Key word is popular the test with sex of effectiveness for a given period of time

Remembering network of the earliest contact is to be in 01 years, fine think carefully rise to also have 7 years at, after-thought has his network course, attach most importance to a dot by original QQ, the game when move goes to an university attachs most importance to a dot, began to work till 6 years, just contact a network truly.

Just began even if the network is done to edit in a small trade family status, capacity of every gift dispatch is not much, also be the quality that goes measuring news from the angle of information merely, connecting SEO is whats do not know. Find new job later, those who come to now this adds a company. Just know what calls SEO here, ability discovery has been done so optimize can bring so much discharge to the website. Came recently especially a Niu Ren of SEO, more make I also had progress in this respect. Hand is nervous recently, be forced to become website head personally, as it happens prepares the closest study positive result below the test.

The first information: Gap of urban and rural income enlarges sort of standard of countrywide average wage continuously.

About countrywide salary the key word of average level sort is in recently of Baidu collect an amount big ever, everyday 100 thousand is control, in SEO tall person carry bit, preparation is in second what to do on key word. What the website that is in because of me basically does is agricultural domain, sought N much data, find to cut the entrance eventually, with sort of standard of countrywide average wage on November 6 gap of urban and rural income persists expand into problem made an information, can build with agriculture at long last on by the side of the dot. Be full of a hope put, waiting to search the cent in the quantity to nod from the day of 100 thousand east east come over. Placed in a certain position in the information that is less than 1500 words wage of 14 whole nations is average the key word of horizontal sort, but when I send this information incident has happened went one week or so.

The 2nd information: Gansu Province apple meets with sacrifice 8 minutes of money 1 jin of fruit grower are fraught

Say artful also, when seeking newest and pertinent information yesterday, as it happens sees so a newest information related to this station, see so new money, begin the operation instantly, hang up with the rapiddest rate.

Originally I think gap of urban and rural income enlarges sort of standard of countrywide average wage continuously this information was placed in a certain position by me so much key word can have pretty good effect, the result goes this morning Baidu looks, the information platoon that I do sort of standard of average wage of search whole nation is in Baidu the position of the 7th page, and only the; of a snapshot of this station home page sees a dot attack, 27 hours bring apple of 195 PV; Gansu Province to meet with only sacrifice 8 minutes of money 1 jin of fruit grower are fraught in 27 hours in bring the PV of nearly 800 to me however, I search Gansu Province apple to meet with sacrifice this one key word, this station platoon is in the first, hey.

Data result lets me be surprised, the test makes clear as a result, popular key word is admittedly important, but can be in for a short while inside update important information, baidu should meet you a better place.

Editorial to the network small proposal:

Wanting cent to be clear about you is an editor above all, just be network editor next, do information to want to have a very good assurance to the susceptibility of information, be in as far as possible for a short while in the platform that can release important information to you goes; key word is admittedly important, but if you are mere to become key word, make flow and go doing content, in that way besides relying on discharge to nod income, do not save an user at all, of course, edit as the network, necessary key word is optimized or should meet, after all network news, discharge is king?

Speak oneself a bit view for the first time, everybody visits an official must not gush I ah! (